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How to Create a Beginner’s Mind

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in Personal Growth

What is a beginner’s mind?  It’s letting go expectations or preconceptions about what you need to do, how you need to do it and wha...

Is Life a Struggle?

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

As I listen to others around me, I hear a common theme that the nature of life is to struggle.   Do you believe that life is mainly filled wit...

Are You Tired of Struggling?

in Personal Growth

There are so many areas where struggling seems to permeate:   finances, health, weight, relationships, education, parenting, and juggling all ...

Are You Floundering With Your Time?

in Personal Growth

Finding the time isn’t just the actual time.   It’s finding the belief that we are worth the time.   Maybe we have a hidden feeling that...

Don’t Take What Other People Do Personally

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

How many reactions do you have in a day about other people’s behaviors, words or actions?   How do you react if someone walks ahead of you t...

What’s This About “Letting Go?”

in Personal Growth

How often I had said to myself “let it go Pat” when I was agitated or upset about something. I’ve also said “let go” to others when t...