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How Important is Attitude?

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The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have – and that is our attitude.” Charles Swindoll

Creating Spirituality in Your Life:  Gratitude Journal

in Personal Growth

Developing spirituality in your life comes to you in many different forms.    One of the ways is to create a Gratitude Journal as a tool to r...

Are You Stronger Than Your Excuses?

in Personal Growth

We all have excuses that we keep readily available when we don’t want to do something or fall behind on an action or don’t know what to do....

How Do You Deal with Worries and Problems?

in Personal Growth

I know that people who worry, which is many of us, don’t want to recognize this as a simple thing called habit. Instead, we see it as a way to...

Do You Have Good Intentions But No Follow Through?

in Personal Growth

It’s not that we are not sincere about our intentions; rather we don’t follow through. I don’t know about you, but I carry around in my ...

Life Changes Quickly

in Friends, Personal Growth

I’m coasting along my path in life, minding my own business (well not exactly) when a significant change comes into my world. Have you had th...

Do You Have Too Many Shoulds?

in Organizing, Personal Growth

We don’t realize just how many precious minutes, hours and days are frittered away with habits that don’t serve us. Little by little also c...

Can You or Can’t You?

in Personal Growth

I’ve been thinking about the word “can’t” lately. I use it and am listening to others express the same beliefs. I’m aware when I ve...

An Episode of Back Pain

in Personal Growth, Physical

It’s not about life coming in and taking over the total support of your life, but instead, you meeting life halfway with your thoughts and act...

How To Get Your MoJo Back

in Personal Growth

What does “MoJo” mean? There are several interpretations. From Africa, it's a small bag that contains herbs that are to bring luck to the we...