Are You Floundering With Your Time?

I’m sitting on the bus writing, my words barely legible from the jerky motion as the bus travels over the New York City roads.  I have an hour-long trip each way into the City (at least) and I do use this time to do many things.  I catch up with emails on my phone, read and even talk on the phone (which is somewhat rude when the bus is quiet, and people are relaxing).

The bus ride is a prime time to write.    I’m always saying I want time to write…here it is.

We can always find time for what we want if we are willing to allow ourselves to have what we want.

Finding the time isn’t just the actual time.   It’s finding the belief that we are worth the time.   Maybe we have a hidden feeling that says, “I can’t get what I want,” which has nothing to do with time.  Instead of believing we are worth the time, we complain that there is not enough time.

What do you find time for, as this is what you value? It doesn’t mean it’s what you enjoy…you value it.  What we value is a combination of our beliefs and our choices.  We can change what we value as we progressed through life.   The funny, yet absurd activity we perform regularly is to complain there is just not enough time to do what we want.

If you hear yourself complaining about time, ask yourself, “If I can do whatever I want, what would it be?”

I carry this heavy burden that “there is too much to do and not enough time to do what I want.”  If I want to write and choose to do a client’s work instead, well I‘ve chosen not to write.   I camouflage my decision with “there’s just enough time to do everything I want to do.”

One of the beautiful aspects of getting older is that you become more aware of your stories and see the falsity behind it.     My experience has taught me that if I can’t find the time to do what I want, then I’m afraid to do it, or feel I don’t have the right to do it.

It’s doesn’t mean that once you decide to do what you want that it’s smooth sailing all the way. Instead, choosing to carve out time to do what you want is the beginning of the step and following through is the next step.    The follow through can be challenging as other demands can distract us from using the time as planned.

Time is our most important asset. 

Our choices reflect the value that we place on our time. How we share our time on this earth demonstrates how we live, what we give to others, the joys and laughter, sorrows that we have faced, the accomplishments that make us proud, the regrets that linger in our hearts…they are all experiences that we have lived because of choices we have made in the time of our lives.

Your Thoughts

What do you have time for today?    What will you find time to do today that is closer to what you want?

Women’s Group Topics

Women are busy juggling different aspects of their lives, and it’s proven that they have the lion’s share of home and child rearing.   How is that some women find the time to create what they want and others can’t seem to find the time?    First, you have to decide what you want and then decide what can you let go of to go after what we want.  If you have a ‘perfection’ model of life, you will first need to let go of that.  Replace perfection with quality for what is most important in your life.   Share your stories with the other women in your group, explore what is essential and help each other go after what each of you wants.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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4 thoughts on “Are You Floundering With Your Time?

  1. Pat – a much needd tonic, thank you. Thank you for the reminder of what we lose, or choose to not see-in our haste to attain what we don’t think we have.

    Your words: “My experience has taught me that if I can’t find the time to do what I want, then I’m afraid to do it, or feel I don’t have the right to do it.” will be my mantra today, especially the last part ‘I don’t have the right’. Thank you.

  2. Hopefully you have found time to do what makes you smile in your heart.

    Thanks for sharing.


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