About Life’s Many Lessons

My name is Pat Brill and I discovered blogging in 2007. Blogging is a great way to connect with others. Since I had over ten years of Human Resources experience, I wanted to give back. That’s when I started my first blog: www.ManagingEmployees.net. This blog focuses on helping managers deal with the daily experience of managing people.

With my many years of living life, I’ve had numerous and different life experiences. These experiences were consistently creating ‘me’…even if I was busy living life and didn’t stop to reflect. Under the surface, I was absorbing the experience and creating a lesson from it. As I started to review my life experiences, I realized that there were truths I believed in that are just not true.  Many experiences offer me the power and inspiration to move forward in my life. No matter how many years I have on this life journey, I am still young enough to create what I want.

Over the years, I’ve learned to listen to myself better. This blog came about because…

My dear friend sent me snail mail, something I don’t receive very often anymore. There was one piece of paper where she copied different stories of individuals who have faced challenges and failures and how they had created a powerful life in spite of them.

I’ve known her since 1999 when we worked together…she was my boss. Now it’s 2008, and during our journey together we have laughed (a lot), been frustrated, worried, left jobs and shared good wine. We told our stories to each other and created a remarkable friendship. We both had our challenges to face, and yet we continually reached out to move forward in our lives. We found and continue to find inspiration in other’s stories.

My friend wrote a message on top of that page of inspiring life stories…

“I am always inspired by others – hope these inspire you as they did me. The possibilities are endless.”

I was writing one morning, and the piece of paper she sent to me was flat on the table. As I wrote, I kept thinking about her words ‘the possibilities are endless’ and these simple, yet powerful words inspired me to start this blog. I desire to create a place for myself and others to explore and share the many lessons that life has offered us.

Then I opened up one of my most favorite books “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and there on page 10 was this quote:

“You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours.”
By Anne-Wilson Schaef

Since I believe there are no coincidences, and I was listening, all the events were leading me to create this blog. Inspiration at it’s best!

My wish is as the blog grows you will find creativity, solace, and inspiration within the posts. Share your life lessons and how they have influenced who you are today. Others may gather strength and inspiration from you…just as I received that gift from my friend.

Claim Your Day!