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What Is This Thing Called Work

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What is work?   Our first reaction is that it is something we must do in order to receive money.   Work can be paid work or unpaid…it’s ...

Are You Floundering With Your Time?

in Personal Growth

Finding the time isn’t just the actual time.   It’s finding the belief that we are worth the time.   Maybe we have a hidden feeling that...

Don’t Take What Other People Do Personally

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

How many reactions do you have in a day about other people’s behaviors, words or actions?   How do you react if someone walks ahead of you t...

Too Much Drama In Your Life?

in Personal Growth

Oh, all the drama that gets played out each day in our lives. The stories we spin about what is happening to us or others permeates and consume...


in Personal Growth

I’ve never liked calling others or myself stupid, so I use Keep It Simple Sweetie…more gentle, compassionate and warm. No matter what you ...

Is TV Really Restful?

in Family, Personal Growth

There are people who are smart TV watchers. These individuals usually focus more on educational programs. When the show is done, they shut off...