Be Like a Cat and Relax and Nurture Yourself

Stress does not magically go away when you initially indulge in a method of relaxation.  Focusing on adding ease into your life starts releasing the tension. Your body and mind need time to recoup from the daily stresses and gives you more energy to reflect on how you want to live your life.

I thought it would be fun to think and act like a cat, release your tension, and relax into your inner space.

Relax Like a Cat

Cats know how to relax naturally.  They release all tension in their bodies and rest, though they also are aware of their surroundings.   When we feel stressed, angry, or frustrated, we can go into our “cat mode” and release the tension.

Be a Curious Cat

Cats have so much curiosity and are constantly exploring what’s around them.   They delight in the new.  Cats see fun all around them. What if you were to be curious daily and learn something new around your career, explore an interest, or listen to the people in your life and learn something new about them.

Be Like a Cat Mind

Granted, cats don’t think as humans do, yet they accept themselves.  They don’t think they are less than and assume they are a magnificent cat. Allow yourself to be who you are and be grateful for what you have, what you offer others, and what you receive from others.

Be Fully Present as a Cat

Cats are alert and present in all they do.   They don’t rush, eat, and know how to play.   They stretch when their body needs it, clean and rest when their body needs it.   Have you ever watched a cat be still, fully present with what is around them?

Stretch Like a Cat

Cats know what their bodies need and take care of it. How aware are you of your body?   If you feel aches and tension, do you get up, stretch and allow your body to relax?   Stretching provides flexibility to your body, along with releasing any built-up tension.  They have a cat pose in yoga, though it isn’t exactly what a cat does, as humans and cats have different skeletal and muscular systems.   It’s about the concept of stretching to help your body feel loose and more relax.

When I was teaching kindergarten children during services at my local Church, I showed the children cat poses, and they got right into the positions – laughing and enjoying the stretch.   Children also get stressed, so helping them think about relaxing like a cat will be knowledge they can take with them throughout their lives.

Move Your Cat Body

Cats run and climb and exercise all parts of their bodies. Stretching is good, though sometimes your body and mind need more than simple stretches, and you need to move with more energy.  Exercise is healthy for people.  Again, you need to know your body, how much exercise is good, and what level is too much.  Cats have fun moving their bodies, so try to enjoy yourself when you exercise.

Take a Catnap

Cats know how to recharge their bodies – they take catnaps.   Why not figure out a way to either take a 30-minute snooze or use this time to meditate.   Whatever your choice, it’s time to rejuvenate your body’s energy systems.

Find a Cat Space for Yourself

Cats find a place to relax.  Do you ever need to step away and find a special place to sit quietly with yourself?  This space is for you to journal, reflect, cry, and release tension.   Do you have such a place, and if not, can you carve out time for yourself?   As you get bombarded by people, news, work, and information all around you, having a space to let go and be with yourself is rejuvenating and healing to your mind, body, and soul.

Not Interested Like a Cat

How often have you seen a cat ignore a person, walk away, and tell them they are not interested.  They know how to say “no” to what doesn’t work for them.   What if you were you walk away from what doesn’t work for you.

Be a Cat in the Sunshine

Cats love to be gently warm by the sun.   When you get at least a 15 minutes sunshine boost, you can automatically relax because your body has received the sun’s energy and is using it.  There are times when the sun is not a friend to our bodies.  Some people are sun-sensitive, so they need to minimize the sun’s rays.   You know your body, and if you can absorb the sun and be ok, why not enjoy the warmth.

Purr and Cuddle Like a Cat

People do not purr, yet we can hum, laugh, and show our contentment in many ways.   You can make others around you laugh, enjoy hugs, give and receive a massage, foot rub, or sit quietly with a friend or a significant person in your life.

Have a Cat Attention

Cats see all things around them as ways to play.   They sit and appreciate the grass, flowers flowing, bees buzzing, toys around them, and notice all the small ways to enjoy their lives.   The old expression “smell the roses” is a way for you to pay attention and appreciate what is around you.

Be a Contented Cat

Learn how to relax wherever you are, no matter what challenges are in your life at the time.   Mini deep breathing, do simple stretches, appreciate what is around you at the moment, hug a person, and some people even hug trees to connect to the world around them.

Enjoy Your Cat

If you have a cat, get a book, and let the feline cuddle up with you.  Being around a cat automatically teaches us about relaxation.  I’ve had many cats in my life, and just holding and stroking them brought me to a place of peace.  They are funny, playful, loving, and know how to take care of themselves.

Your Thoughts

Do any of the cat points interest you?   Why not take one and try it on for the day and see how it feels.

Women’s Group Topics

It’s a fun topic, yet there are so many areas to discuss how to best care for yourself.   Be curious, like a cat, and explore what part of a cat’s nature can you include in your life and make it purrfect.

Be well,
“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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