The Benefits of a Bath


Taking a bath is a traditional relaxation option.  If you are stressed because of finances, this is a relatively free option to help you relax.

How can you make it feel special to you, so you get the full benefit of the experience?



  • Make sure the tub is clean,
  • Fill it up with steamy hot water (if your skin is sensitive, warm water.)
  • You can add to the water bubble bath or a few drops of essential oils.  There are many different types of essential oils or bubble bath.

Essential oils are compounds extracted from different parts of plants.  You may be familiar with aromatherapy, which is used to induce relaxation.   Aromatherapy is considered a form of alternative medicine, and there is plenty of information on the health benefits of its use.  For this guide, essential oils are being used mainly as a form of relaxation.  I am not in the medical business – just providing tools to relax.

The oils seem to send chemical messages to the brain, and this impacts your body.

Essential oils, in small amounts, can be rubbed on your skin, similar to the perfume.  Don’t put it in your mouth or nose, or any other open parts of your body.

Here are some essential oils that you may enjoy sinking your body into and letting go.

Different oils are known to impact the body differently:

  • Lavender and chamomile are used to relieve stress,
  • Peppermint boost energy and help digestion,
  • Lemon is used for digestion and headaches.

Just a partial list of essential oils and take the time to find one that you enjoy smelling in your bath.

NOTE – Make sure reputable companies create the bubble bath and essential oils.   Also, dab a little on your arm to make sure you don’t react to it.  The oils above are for use in a nice warm bath to aid you in relaxing your body.

What you need for your bath:

  • Candle – this acknowledges a special time for you.
  • Set time aside to gain the full benefit of a bath
  • Bubble Bath or Essential Oils – if you desire this.   You can just enjoy a warm bath as well.
  • A good book or listen to music.
  • Close your eyes and just take in the warmth and or smell.

NOTE:  Don’t bring the phone in with you as this is your time to relax.   The phone and all of the messages and news will still be there when you get out.   Maybe by then, you will not want to disturb your relaxed body with outside distractions.

Your Thoughts

Do you enjoy baths?    Do you find time to sink into a tub and release body tension?   Would you be willing to commit yourself to one warm soaking bath this week?

Women’s Group Topics

A bath is an excellent entrée into discussing how to add relaxation into your life.  You can review the different ways you relax in a tub or other ideas around how you relax in your life.  Challenge and encourage others to find a way to relax during the week.   Make them accountable by telling the group what they did when you come back together, and how you felt after doing it.   If they didn’t find the time to relax, ask why not.    Accountability is also part of supporting others.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)

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