Make Meal Time Special

meal timeToday’s hurried world puts relaxing and quality mealtimes at the bottom of many people’s life.   Most families have two working adults so time is limited and kids are scheduled with all sorts of after-school activities.  Technology keeps us busy responding 24/7 to outside stimuli.  What about the adult that lives alone…they may not be motivated to make meals special as there is no one to share the bounty.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson recently….treating my mealtimes as special is nurturing in more ways than just the food.    It’s a time to relax and enjoy how I’m taking care of myself.  Since I work long hours, I am tempted to grab something after a full day at work.   I’ve eaten dinner while watching TV, and I don’t know I’m eating and that’s not satisfying.

Lately, I’ve been setting the dining room table, lighting candles, making dinner and enjoying my meal.    I can feel the nourishment immediately in sharing my meals with myself and with my loved ones.   I minimize the distractions and use this time to catch up with my life, to create a special space to let go of all those little, and big “to do’s” that haunt me throughout the day.   I’m learning how to feed myself all the wonderful nutrients that add value to my life.

No one teaches us the art of dining at home.   We feel we have to pay for our meals to slow down and relax.  The process of creating a meal for others and myself brings me joy and relaxation.  I’m not a gourmet cook…far from it. Instead, it’s about taking the time to nourish ‘me’…I deserve this type of quality in my life.

All part of the journey of caring for myself.   If I don’t take care of me…who else wants to take over the job?   When I was two years old, adults jumped in, but now I’m way past two, so it’s my turn to nurture myself in as many ways as possible.    So today, I’m focusing on minimizing distractions at mealtimes and making mealtimes, even if simple, fulfilling and nourishing.

Your Thoughts

What about you…do you usually create a special mealtime?  Or, like me, do you need to learn the importance of genuinely feeding yourself with a healthy meal, placements and pretty napkins, candles, and great company…even if you are the only one who shows up for this special meal.

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How do you make mealtime special in your home?   If you live alone, how do you make it special for you?    It’s a special time to nurture yourself and others.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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2 thoughts on “Make Meal Time Special

  1. Greetings 🙂

    I know how you feel Pat
    I have a best friend who is very busy with her family until she doesn’t have time to break at all.

    I’m not married yet, but, my job is kinda 24-7 and it’s more 9-5. I feel like i can’t go to the saloon, took care of my face at night, or do what woman usually do everyday to look good. I still can’t until this minute, so yeah, i do create a special mealtime. Just now, i just made sushi and eat it while blogging 🙂


    Trisna’s last blog post..Shit Happens

  2. Very nice post. Have you noticed how Japanese take extra effort in preparing their meals? What may seem an unnecessary ritual to others, to them it is an event, a celebration of life.

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