Happy Halloween!

What a wonderful celebration with scary costumes demanding a treat.   I am stretching this image a little!

I’ve been thinking whether the Law of Attraction is a trick or is it a treat.    So many of us try hard to attract what we want, yet we feel cheated or tricked because it doesn’t come and we then believe there is no such thing as Law of Attraction.

Just thinking that you want to add Law of Attraction into your life doesn’t make it happen.   It’s like dressing up in a costume for Halloween and expecting to get what you want. Instead, there are choices and actions you need to make that build the highway of attraction into your life.

I’m a believer in my inner guide.   We all have a guide though we don’t always listen to it.    My guide told me in one of my writing sessions that if I wanted the Law of Attraction to become part of my life, I needed to say “yes” to life.  So I said “yes,” but nothing changed.    By playing around with the word ‘yes,’ I felt different, and my energy was shifting.

Saying one “yes” doesn’t make a big difference, however, saying “yes” daily makes a real big difference.  What do you say “yes” to?

Think about what others offer you on a daily basis.   For example, I was offered some peanuts from a co-worker. Usually, I would say “no thanks” because I’m watching my weight.   I was starting to say “no” when I stopped myself and said, “yes, thanks.”   I didn’t want the peanut, hadn’t been thinking of wanting a peanut, but I did want to practice saying “yes” to what was being offered to me at the moment.  It felt good to say ‘yes.’

To attract abundance in your life, you need to let it in.   For me, this was a challenging task to accept what others offer.   I’ve prided myself on not needing others and being independent.   Along the way, I interpret what others suggest as a simple gift of food, help, and advice as feeling dependent on them.    Or that I owed them something back and that felt like a burden.

I know I’m not alone with this limiting perception, but the last few years I’m slowly letting go of my false pride and incorrect definition of what being independent means.    Rather I see the interdependence we all have with each other.   Abundance flows through nature, other people, our actions and it is all there with a simple “yes.”

For some people, they feel they say “yes” to life too much…mainly because they are saying ‘yes’ to what others want.  This is a different ‘yes,’ one that can add or block the flow of abundance into our lives.

There are so many opportunities in our daily lives to say ‘yes.’    Someone opens the door for you, offers to let you go first in line or gives up their seat to you.  The first time a young man offered me his seat, I was floored and indignant…I’m not that old.  Now I’m older, appreciate the gift he was giving, and no longer add judgment to the gift.   The young man may have viewed me as older, but this young man wanted to offer me something that came from him without any strings attached.

I’ve learned to look at my judgments and perceptions around who and what I should be in this life.   I’ve learned by saying a simple ‘yes’ I can feel the abundance gently flow into my body.   I now practice on a daily basis flexing my abundance muscles and staying open to receiving the gifts that the day offers.

Last night a friend offered to pay for dinner, and I balked initially and then freely let it go and appreciated her gift to me.

Your Thoughts

Where are you today?   Do you graciously say, “Yes, thank you” or do you automatically state “no thanks.”    You will be amazed at the difference you will feel just by being open to saying ‘yes.’

If you decide to add more abundance into your life, try this exercise of saying ‘yes’ for 30 days.  Keep a journal of each time you said ‘yes’ and how you felt.  Let’s move ‘no’ out of our lives and bring in more ‘yes.’

Let me know your thoughts.  Does this feel too simplistic to you or do you think that you would like to add more ‘yes’ into your life?

Women’s Group Topics

Women seem to gravitate towards taking care of others and saying “yes” their requests.   Discuss with each other what types of “yes” are included in your lives.  Are their helpful “yes” or “yes” that help you?    “Yes” is a small, yet powerful word in that we support others and allow others to support us.   How have you been supported today…share it with others?

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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4 thoughts on “Is ‘Yes’ In Your Life?

  1. Yes is a powerful word. As long as we believe that we can do a certain then eventually we will achieve it. Goodluck!

  2. Laws of attraction…

    Well I do say Yes I’m mostly a Yes person, don’t like saying no to people.

    But as you also mentioned with the laws of attraction, I feel that I’m trying to be possitive and to attract with my mind what I want but the laws seem to be working against me as I get only dissapointment…

  3. I love these lines: For some people they feel they say “yes” to life too much…mainly because they are saying ‘yes’ to what others want. This is a different ‘yes’, one that creates a flow of abundance into our lives.

    I really hope all of us will be abundant in the ways we desire. Life’s been tough lately and living with the guide of law of attraction is really sometimes disappointing. But for me saying yes means never giving up. Thanks for the words of encouragement

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