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Decluttering My Books

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in Organizing

My apartment had become heavy, and I felt my energy was blocked because of all those words and needed to reduce the chatter of too many books. ...

How To Get Rid of Emotional Clutter

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

When we think of clutter, we usually visualize a packed or messy physical space.   Rarely do we give much thought to the emotional clutter we ...

Are You De-Cluttering Your Physical Space?

in Book Selections, Organizing, Personal Growth

Today I want to talk about the physical clutter that surrounds us each day.  All clutter is interconnected and affects all areas of our lives....

Cleaning Out My ‘Guilt’ Closet

in Health, Personal Growth, Relationships

I decided it’s time to look in my ‘guilt’ closet to see what is outdated and just doesn’t fit anymore. We all have a ‘guilt’ closet...