4 Basics of Healthy Living

I’m always looking for a simple formula to guide me in self-care.  There is so much information on health and spiritual wellbeing that it can become overwhelming.  How do I best care for myself?   I’ve learned that what is essential to my wellbeing comes from me and not others.

So how do each of us support what is essential to living a loving and joyful life? I believe my essence is a composite of mind, body, and spirit.

I meditate, and in that process, I receive my internal guidance.    During my years of sitting quietly with myself, either with my writing or meditating, I’ve received clarity around how to live a healthy life.

The four basics aren’t new.  I’ve packaged them together because if we keep a plan in front of us, we are can take charge of our wellbeing.  In this complex world, where there are tons of avenues to find information, we continue to struggle with the wellbeing of our body, mind, and spirit.  Simplicity allows us to trust we are moving in the right direction

Here are my guide points.   They work for me, and I hope they offer you guidance in caring for yourself.

Eat Healthy

We all know that eating healthy is vital to our daily wellbeing as well as potential longevity.  Our internal guide is competing with our busy lives and all the advertising seeping into our minds each day.

My background is not in nutritional health, yet I believe it is safe to say that eating moderate portions of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, loading up with vegetables and fruit is the basic healthy meal plan.  For some fruit or other foods may be a problem.  If you listen to yourself, your body will tell you if the foods feel good when you digest it.

Team up with a professional and build a food plan that is appropriate for you.  The combination of listening to yourself and working with a knowledgeable professional will bring your body into balance

I’ve always felt that when my body feels good; I have more energy, more confidence and find that good and abundance comes my way.


Today I was reading Dr. Joseph Mercola (www.mercola.com) and he was discussing how you could combat the flu season with one vitamin – Vitamin D.    One also gets Vitamin D from the sun.

Daily exercise in today’s world needs to be a top priority in each of our lives.  Yes, we are all busy, yet we give little time to our body.   How grateful are you for having your body.  It takes you everywhere.    My body takes me to work, shopping and celebrations with others and a host of other experiences.    I can’t ignore it, or it will eventually start complaining.    That is how exercise helps me.

We don’t have to be marathoners, but we all need to be active in moving, stretching and honoring the body that gives us life.   Start small, take a 10-minute walk, but make it a priority to take a 10-minute walk, no matter what.


When I say meditate to people, they think of the traditional form of meditation of sitting in silence either with a mantra or watching your breath.   I do this.

I add other forms of meditation into my life.  There is no one way to meditate; instead, it is time that you sit quietly with yourself or with your higher power.   People write, walk and pray in meditation.

It’s all about building the spirit within you.

Take 5 minutes to sit quietly with yourself today.  When thoughts bombard you, say, without judgment, “I’m thinking.”  Then quietly go back to your quiet time.

If sitting doesn’t interest you, then take a 10-minute meditation walk where you are in touch with your spirit and honor who you are in this life.

Stay In The Present

Two simple words, yet one of the biggest challenges for most people…including me.  I know that I won’t do this one perfectly, yet I can benefit every time that I do it.

Staying present is being in the moment…not ruminating in the past or projecting your worries into the future.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t plan.   Plan for what you want, yet you can only do what you want in the present.

When I’m in the present, I feel the tension evaporate from my body.   I’m relieved that I don’t have to carry the past and future with me. Instead, at the moment I can feel joy to being alive…this very moment.    I could worry while writing that there is so much to do, or I can sit here and be with myself, sharing me with you.

What does being in the present offer you?   Clarity, Fun, Intimacy, Self-Love and more.

Keep It Simple

Create your daily mantra:   eat healthy, exercise, meditate and stay in the present.   Start small in supporting these four basics and see how each day builds on the other and brings wellbeing into your life.

Your Thoughts
How do you maintain your wellbeing?   Do you have any ideas that help others include self-care into their lives.   Each of us are different, yet we all need to include self-care into our lives.

Women’s Group Topics
Women have a difficult time nuturing themselves so this is a great topic to engage everyone.   Help each other find small steps towards self-care and keep each other accountable.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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2 thoughts on “4 Basics of Healthy Living

  1. Four pillars to hold yourself up to whatever life throws at ya. I think that your last tip, staying in the present, is the hardest to master… at least for me. With all our worries and deadlines buzzing around, we are chronically preoccupied and don’t give enough time for ourselves and the moment. Nice post!

  2. G
    I like your thought: 4 pillars to hold yourself up to whatever life throws at ya. So true!

    There is probably a 5th pillar…compassion for one’s self. We always do our best in the moment, so we can support ourselves with love and compassion.

    Thanks for sharing!

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