7 Ways To Add Fun Into Your Life


Has ‘fun’ left your life?   Do you feel you don’t have time for fun because your life has too many responsibilities? Each of us has a different perception of the value of fun in our lives — what are your feelings about having fun?

Let’s start with a simple definition of fun:  something that provides joy, amusement, enjoyment, or playfulness.

I know that many people feel that life is challenging.  We worry about family members, finances, relationships, health, and other concerns that find their way into our thoughts and lives.  Do you feel that too many pressing issues require your attention, so you can’t afford to put time aside to have fun?

Fun is not frivolous; instead, it is an essential ingredient in the health of your body, mind, and spirit.  It provides each of us with the necessary energy to heal and take care of ourselves.    So how can you add more ‘fun’ into your life:

1. Not All About Money
Many people believe that fun always costs tons of money.   Not true.  I spent a whole day with family members, talking, eating together, playing cards, and being with each other.  If a day with family doesn’t excite you, how about a walk in one of the many local parks? Bring a good friend or a great book, and enjoy being outside in the air.

Create a list of the fun things you currently do and a separate list of what you can do that doesn’t cost money.

2.  Be Curious
Explore a new part of your town and see what it offers.   Take a different route home from work or visit someone.   Have you always wanted to learn something? Well, take the internet route and learn more about a subject.   What about others? Do you ask questions and show your interest in what makes them tick?  Curiosity is an ageless and powerful resource to add fun to your life.

3.  Smile
A different idea around having fun – pick a day to smile at people. It doesn’t cost you anything, and seeing how many times you smile that day can be fun.   I’ve tried this, and I immediately felt lighter during the day and good about myself.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people responded to me with a smile.  How contagious can you be with your smile?

4.  Try Something New
It doesn’t have to be a big scary thing you have always wanted to do. Instead, try something small or a small step towards what you still have to do.  For example, if you have on your list to learn more about a topic or meet new people, how can you approach it with a fun attitude and try something small?

5.  So You Want To Be Happy
As strange as it seems, the more fun you add to your life, the more positive you are when doing work, attending to the family, or paying the bills.   Being happy is what people strive towards, and fun is vital to our well-being and happiness.

6.  All Things We Do Can Be Fun

If we approach everything we do with an attitude of ‘fun,’ we will benefit from all that joyous energy coming into our bodies.   Our attitude will transmit to everyone we encounter during our day.

If at work, ask yourself what one thing you could do that would be fun while working.  For people doing a lot of data entry, maybe create a mini-challenge for yourself, listen to music on your headphones, or have a contest with another person to see how much you can do in a day (quality work only).

With family, what can you do today to bring a smile to your face or your loved ones?  If you are cooking, is it only about getting it done, or does how you do your activities count?   What would it be like if you stayed present in your cooking and enjoyed preparing the meal you created? I will tell you that this doesn’t add more time to your cooking — just more fun.

7.  Are You A Believer or a Non-Believer?

Fun is there for the taking.  If you believe you have the right to have fun and enjoy your life while on this earth, you will find many situations where fun can materialize and grow within your life.  You will abundantly share this fun with others.

If you believe you don’t have a right to have fun, find one small action today that brings a smile to your face where you can say, “I’m having fun.”

Start writing down everything you are grateful for during your day.   Start small and list three things, then work towards listing ten things you are thankful for every day.   This way, you can see how fun is already in your life, so you must deserve to have good things.

I’ve acknowledged how grateful I was that I had running water and didn’t go to the well to bring it back.  I’ve also written down how I’m thankful for my health, the money I currently have, the excellent dinner with a friend, watching the sunrise and all its magnificence, and a simple yet delicious breakfast.

The list is endless, and this simple exercise in gratitude will help you become a believer in the power of fun in your life.   Trust me, you will see a difference after one month of writing down what you are grateful for.

Your Thoughts
In the smallest moments in our journey through life is where fun resides, and quietly, we feel pleasure flowing through our hearts and minds, and our bodies respond with a smile.  How do you have fun in your life?

Women’s Group Topics

How can you add more fun to your life?   Brainstorm around all the areas where fun can happen and share it.  It is a perfect time to have fun, be silly, laugh, and enjoy each other while creating your ideas around fun.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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14 thoughts on “7 Ways To Add Fun Into Your Life

  1. True agree with your points ad fun is important to our happiness and wellness..Grt post thanks for sharing…just shared post on twitter…

  2. Staying happy and have a positive outlook in life is a great values that can make us glow and live longer.

  3. hi i really liked the whole post especially the smile and every thing can be fun interesting work

  4. Read!

    Visit the library or borrow books from friends…
    Reading is a great way to boost your spirits and make you travel places without physically being there.
    It boosts self-esteem and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
    Besides, even if your friends and family are busy, or if you have to drop plans, a good date with a book is a guaranteed hit!

  5. Hi Pat! Thanks for the “fun” list. I had FUN reading it. 🙂

    I might add singing. I like to sing. Nah, I don’t sing good but I can carry an off tune. You can sing what you’re doing and do a gig – it sure livens up a room.

  6. Archu
    Books are my best friends…well, not entirely, but certainly have entertained me over my lifetime. Today, I plan on visiting my local B&N, get a cup of tea and relax over a good book.
    Thanks for visiting and sharing…love your idea.


  7. Angelia
    I stopped by your blog…it’s terrific. I’ve enjoyed reading several of your posts.

    Singing is a joyful experience…no matter what quality of voice each of us possess. Rather it frees up so much energy and we feel good and it’s fun.

    Thanks for sharing your idea.


  8. I just finised hiking the Appalachian Trail and for the first time I realized how a simplier life is often a happier life. I have wasted alot of time and money on things in the past that I did not need. My goal for 2010 is to settle in somewhere and try to keep living as simple as possible.

  9. I loved the first one about life not being about the money. I think far too often today, people don’t put stock in anything except dollar bills and shiny change. They don’t have faith, they don’t belief, they don’t have emotions. As a teen, I am certainly a part of this societal stereotype, though I have made a firm commitment to now be otherwise. Check me out sometime at http://teenramblings.wordpress.com.

  10. I agree, we should not base our happiness on money or any materials things. I like reading your blog. It is very inspiring.

  11. Hi Pat!

    This one’s a very interesting post! I am oftentimes alone and all the tips you gave will be very useful in adding joy to my life. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.


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