What Is Your Most Valuable Asset in Life?

When I was younger, I had the illusion of endless moments. I felt I had a warehouse of days that would never decrease.   Today’s perspective is that I may still have a large room full of minutes, though I recognize that there is less than before.  I don’t know how long I will live, but living each day shortens my time by one day.

I recognize that time is my most precious and valuable asset.

Time to do what?  Make money, have fun, build relationships, find a spiritual place to grow or time to fritter.   If we view ‘time’ as an asset, we see it differently…more powerful…filled with possibilities.    We structure our lives around the 24-hour clock, which makes it easier to view our lives through the time belt.  The funny part about the perception of time is I could be speaking to someone in California; they are my past, whereas in Australia they are my future.   It’s funny…this thing called time.

If I were to break down the minutes of a day, I would come up with 1,440 minutes in a day and 525,600 in a year.   I know we don’t talk minutes in our lives, yet each minute is an asset.  Every minute I’m alive is there for me to use as I choose.

Since I believe that time is my most valuable asset, all other assets are a derivative of time.   Depending on what I want to develop in my life – finances, relationship(s), physical well-being or spiritual development all come from time.   Each day, every hour and every minute of my life to build whatever direction I end up in my life.

I am playing with time a little more, and what if I was to decide today to focus my attention on my health.  How much time would I need to devote to my health asset?   I guess probably 3 hours each day between preparing dinner, eating and exercising.  Others may want to spend 5 hours or more of each day for their health.  Without time, I wouldn’t be able to devote my energy to this endeavor.

I’m thinking more and more about my time and how best to use it.   It’s about choice, even if I’m committed to habits and routines.  I know that my habits are based on the need for security and well-being.  I also know that I’ve made choices because I believed I had no choice. It was still my choice.

Time is always a partner with a choice.

That’s why I realize that ‘time’ is my most valuable asset.  This recognition can be exhilarating as well as scary.  The fun part is that there are so many possibilities; the scary part is that I have to change some of my choices.    If I’m the manager of my time, then how well have I been doing?   Up to now, I’ve been busy with being ‘busy’ with too much to do.  So, of course, I don’t have enough time.    The thought of saying ‘no’ or doing something different with my time, takes a desire and effort to create the change.

For most of us, it’s better to relinquish control of our time to routines and habits.   We continuously say “time just flies by” without stopping long enough to view how we use our time.   We react, put out fires, give up our most precious asset because we are afraid to own it and live a stronger life.  It’s a judgment on my part I know, yet I believe that owning one’s time means I’m willing to own my life.  Owning my life means, I have to deal with what has happened and continues to occur in my life…good and bad.

What we do with our time is our choice.   Even if we are busy taking care of the children, working, nurturing our primary relationships, we are still choosing to do it.   The value in recognizing one’s precious asset of time is to honor our choices.  We either change what isn’t working or celebrate the choices that add value to our lives.

Your Thoughts

What does your time offer you?   If you have the same 1,440 minutes in a day that I have, what do you value?    That is your relationship with time…what is valuable for you to do with this marvelous, beautiful gift that life offers us…. every day that we are alive.

For example, if you value nurturing your children and are happy they are in your life, then you are willing to give some of your time to their well-being.   Does it mean that you need to give all of your time?   When we use our time asset with intention by providing some of our time to others, we do it freely and reap the value of being present with the gift we offer.  We still have other minutes to create time for ourselves….60 minutes a day always works for me.   Of course, I do need a healthy dose of more extended periods, but 60 minutes each day to write, do my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and create my gratitude list is what I need to nurture myself for the day.

How many minutes do you need today to start carving out time to nurture yourself.   How much time are you willing to give to others because giving can also nurture us as well?   How much time of your 1,440 minutes each day do you need to work to pay the bills?  How much of your 1,440 minutes each day do you want to build relationships with family and friends?   The list is endless, but we all have the same 1,440 minutes each day, and the question is, do you own your most precious asset or are you willing to let others decide what you do with your time?

Stop right now in this minute and ask yourself “where am I at with my most valuable asset – time?”   

Women’s Group Topics

Women feel they don’t have time for themselves…only because they choose to use their time in different ways.   One can carve out time if we value a particular aspect of our lives.  Nurturing ourselves is a choice, one of which women are reluctant to create.  Use this as a topic in your group…how do you manage your time, so you are nurturing yourself along with others.

Be well,


“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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  1. I’m a designer and my time is more valuable than lots of things – one thing i hate is paying bills, there’s some sites out there like http://www.billstrust.com that are filling gaps in peoples lives slowly chipping away at time wasting peeves that we now take for granted (washing clothes used to take a day).

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