The Most Important Priority In My Life

My health is the #1 priority in my life.  I don’t always treat it so, but I intend to keep myself focused on my number one priority.  It’s a learning curve for me, and every day I wake up reminding myself that  “today my health is the most important focus for me.”  When I go to bed, I ask how did I treat my physical being today.  Was I neglectful, a little respectful or did I center my energies in treating my body as a priceless gift?

All you have to be is sick or have a physical challenge once in your life to become aware of the beautiful gift that life is for everyone.  I met my illness challenge last summer. It took almost a whole year out of my life, and I will never forget the experience.  I started this year with another physical challenge, though that has finally been resolved.   What do I feel now…that I’ve have turned a corner in my physical wellbeing and I treasure my wellness.

It has taken me a whole year to acknowledge I’m the only one who can take care of me.  As I got better last year, I briefly gained a sharp new awareness that my health was so important.   I felt the light shine on the dramatic events of the year and I was so sure I was a changed woman.  I didn’t hold on to that awareness.  Instead, I returned to my previous lifestyle before I got sick…pushing myself to do more and more.  I wanted so much to be normal again, forgetting that my version of normalcy got me in trouble to start with.

I’m learning each day how to take care of myself.  In some ways, it’s like I’m a child again, learning the basics of self-care, parenting myself lovingly and compassionately.  I take a few steps forward and feel proud and loving towards myself, and then I indulge in self-pity and neglect to do the basics in self-care.

The small steps make a difference in my life.  The times I eat healthily, exercise, laugh, change my negative thoughts into more positive thinking, then I appreciate the depth and joy of my life.   Self-acceptance is a critical ingredient in physical well-being.

Today, I went to the local museum with a friend, walked around a bit, sat on the bench and received my Vitamin D from the sun’s warmth.  We didn’t sit out long, and I thoroughly enjoyed my friend and the bench we were relaxing on together.  I have eaten healthy so far today and will stop later and take a nice long walk.

Taking care of my health is also about being diligent around the thoughts I allowed to enter.   The journey for me is to become aware of the judgmental thoughts that I allow to reside within me.  The ‘should’s’ I subscribe to in my current life.   Each culture and family has their brand of ‘shoulds’ and because they are different, tells me that there aren’t any mandatory things I should do.  What I can do is love and care for myself and treat others with respect.

I don’t want to end my life regretting how I had the opportunity to take good care of myself, but I made many small choices in my life to the contrary.  I want to be here to enjoy my grandchildren, and my chances are better if I take good care of myself.

In my lifetime, I have given too much credence to other’s thoughts and spent too much time trying to prove myself.  We know we can’t satisfy the vague image of the outside world. Instead, today I am focusing on listening to myself.   Let the outside world take care of itself.

Your Thoughts

Have you done one thing today to take care of yourself?  In what ways do you nurture your well-being?   Share with others, and support the change in others.

Women’s Group Topics

Women know how to nurture others, though do we do not use the same care for ourselves?   That’s why I think women’s groups are important because we receive nurturance from the other members of the group.   Do we have a core belief that you are in control of your wellbeing or do you feel powerless?   If we could do anything today to take care of ourselves physically, what would that be?   What’s stopping you from doing it?

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(By Pat Brill)


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5 thoughts on “The Most Important Priority In My Life

  1. As a psychic I see people ignoring what their body is telling them the little niggle the gut instinct the intuition or voice of the angels as I call it that says you know what I dont know what it is but something isn’t right. You cannot afford to ignore the little signs because eventuall your body will go I will give you something you cannot ignore….a good message thank you

  2. JP
    I went back to your blog and saw your great tagline:

    “The Great Stone” is derived from the notion that any Man or Woman who moves a mountain, begins by carrying away a stone.


  3. Robin
    My belief is to fully honor and enjoy our body, we need to slow down enough to listen. Your abilities helps you understand the value of intuition and trusting oneself.
    Thanks for sharing.

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