What Is This Thing Called Work

In these economic times, I’m grateful that I have my own bookkeeping business and am making a living from my work. A year and a half ago I had no idea how I was going to pay my bills, and in a short period, I’ve built a strong business.  I’ve been running myself ragged with this business to make money.  No time to play, exercise, cook, talk to friends, or time to write.  I’m giving all my time to my business.

What is work?   Our first reaction is that it is something we must do to receive money.   Work can be paid work or unpaid…it’s about the need to give our time over to an external driver – employer, child, spouse, volunteer, older parent.  How much energy are we willing to give to others, in exchange for money, because it is expected of us, or to take care of a loved one?

So I got to thinking, what’s the real belief I have here regarding work.  Is work more important than anything else?   Can I find time to nurture myself and still complete my work?   Does work fill a void?  Does work make me important and without it, I wouldn’t be me.  It’s important to start questioning my attachment to working all the time.  I like to think that money isn’t the only driver, but I also know I can put on my anxiety hat when it comes to money.

Would I complete more in my life if I didn’t work all the time?

Old Beliefs
Since I need to pay bills and don’t have an independent stream of income, I must work.  The more work I do, the more money I make.  I must fulfill all of my client’s expectations.   Work is just hard work and very little pleasure.  I’m not supposed to enjoy it…it’s work.  Work is exhausting, and I have no time for myself.  I fill up my time with my work.  Work defines me.

I can give up what feeds me emotionally for work.  For example, my daily writing pages (Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron), is a lifeline for my psyche.    I’ve been writing morning pages since August 1, 1999…that’s A long-term commitment.  I will give it up when I feel pressed to get something done for a client.   My action indicates that work is most important.

New Beliefs
Work can be satisfying, so while I’m making money, I can enjoy myself as well. I can create boundaries around my time, and my clients and the world won’t fall apart.  I can carve out time to do what gives me pleasure.   I can work less and accomplish more in my life.  The more is not always “work more,” but instead being productive in other areas of my life – my health, relationships, writing, learning and use my creative juices to build a happier lifestyle for myself.

Since most of us have to work, it’s important that we generate enjoyment in what we do.  Does that mean we love everything we do?  No, instead it’s about our attitude regarding the work that we do.  If there is resistance in what we are doing, then our bodies absorb all the negative energy, and we are exhausted.   We all know the difference when we are tired, though satisfied or tired and dissatisfied.   It’s the later that is important to eliminate.

Your Thoughts
Where are you with your relationship with work?   Do you enjoy it or show up primarily to make money?  Do you believe that work is honorable and you must work hard?   Are you exhausted from the daily grind of working?   Can you carve out even a small amount of time to do something creative that feeds you

Women’s Group Topics
Most women work today and how they feel about their work impacts them as well as their families. It’s important to access how work affects your life, do you enjoy it, how do you figure out a way to incorporate it into your life and create balance.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)

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4 thoughts on “What Is This Thing Called Work

  1. Hi, Pat!

    I guess “work” is the price one pays to live in the world.

    I learned about “work” as a kid when I worked in a lumber yard.
    My job was to lift a board, edge-sand it, flip it, edge-sand the other side, and put it down in a pile. Then , pick up the next board, and do it again. For 10 hours a day.

    I lasted two days. My mind became jelly.

    But for the men who worked there, it was their livelihood!


  2. Hi Ritchie
    Interesting statement that it’s the price we pay to live in the world. You are right that the foundation of us working is because we want to live and hopefully comfortably after a hard day at it.

    Yet, how can we balance our thoughts and actions so the price isn’t high and we are drained of our life’s energy?

    I definitely would love to be independently wealthy, but I’m not, so I have to choose my riches. I do that by focusing on gratitude that I can work, can bring in money, and I will show up and do my best with the time I’m there.

    Yet…I work too much, so want to put perspective around what this thing is call worked.


  3. I do the following things: work in my home, work in the office, I visit to dance studio, I lead of my son to gymnastics and swimming pool …. and I don’t forget about own the appearance. I And do it with great pleasure:) Julia.

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