We easily translate the acronym K.I.S.S. into Keep It Simple Stupid!  I’ve read on Wikipedia that this statement came about because of a need for the engineers to design an aircraft that can be fixed by an average mechanic in a war zone with limited tools – hence “keep it simple and stupid .”

I’ve never liked calling others or myself stupid, so I use Keep It Simple Sweetie…more gentle, compassionate and warm.   No matter what you call it, it’s essential to keep life simple.

You may ask, “How is it possible to maintain a simple lifestyle in this world?”   It does take work to focus on simplicity, yet it’s possible to do it by changing our thoughts.

I find that the complexity in my life is directly in proportion to the amount of drama I create during the day.   What does drama look like in my life?   Stories I tell myself around my behavior or the behavior of others.    For example, if someone doesn’t say “hello” in response to my friendliness, I may decide to be offended or pass judgment by his or her behavior.   Why?   What they do has nothing to do with me and yet there is a temptation to internalize their behavior and make it mine.

I see my drama played out each day with thoughts around money, people, needing a parking spot, the bus is going too slow, and the list goes on.  I guess I compare a drama to negativity…negative thoughts take up room in my head and create a complicated life which creates unhappiness within.  Keeping It Simple is about letting go of what others think and do.  Stop punishing ourselves with negative thinking.

So for me, K.I.S.S. means I want to let go of what other people are doing and focus more on my intention around my life and what I need to be healthy and at peace with myself.   When I create the thought that others should be doing something different, I say, “keep it, simple sweetie,” and smile to myself because I caught myself creating a story.

Here’s an excellent example of making life complex.   My complex told us that they were restructuring our driveway area and my parking spot wouldn’t be available for the next three weeks.   Wow, talk about a story…I will never get a parking spot, my sister is coming, and she can’t walk far, and life will be uncomfortable for the next few weeks.  I listened to others complain that we didn’t get much notice or how could they do it right around the Jewish holidays.  Everyone had a different story to tell that acknowledged the stressful situation.

Then I thought….wow, when the driveway is done, our co-op will look great and others will want to move here.    I changed the drama and freed up a bunch of anxiety sitting deep within my stomach.  I’ve managed to find parking spots so far, my sister was dropped off real close, and I let go of the worrying.  That’s keeping it simple…letting go of people, places and things and making my health and well being the essential part of my living.

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetie!  For me, simple is reframing a negative reaction into a positive experience.  It’s not about me being a Pollyanna.  My life lesson is I can choose my level of happiness.

Your Thoughts

Can you find time today to give yourself a K.I.S.S.?

Women’s Group Topics

Women are good at drama as we have an endless supply of complaints to share.   I do it, and my friends do it.   So how do we help each other reframe our stories and bring more comfort and love into our lives?

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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