I was trying to write a post on another topic while listening to a new CD I purchased by Zade.    An impossible task and I decided to write about what I’m experiencing right now.

I happened upon this beautiful artist by chance on a Public TV station that was showing: “One Night in Jordan…A Concert for Peace.”  Was it chance? I’m not a believer of luck, but instead, I needed to hear this man’s music.

Zade’s piano playing, as well as his intention behind his music, create tears in my eyes from the pure enjoyment of emotions filling me when listening to his music.

I’m listening to one piece called “Santiago’s Dream” which he based on the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.  I read this book several years ago, and in the same week, I saw a reference to the book from two separate sources.    I picked up the book and reread it because I was listening.

Zade has dedicated this “Santiago’s Dream” piece to the youth of Jordan and the rest of the world to follow their dream and in the process help build peace in the world.

Here is a young man with a soul full of wisdom.   How did he find his voice so early and was brave enough to reach out to others to create peace in the world?  He is equally committed to peace as he is to his music.

Your Thoughts
How do we each create peace in our lives, for the people around us and the world?   Do we even think that it’s possible to influence others and establish peace in the world?

I believe each one of us can participate in the making of peace by doing one small act today that adds kindness to the world.   Kindness is a universal language for peace.

As New York City experiences another bomb scare, we need to reach out and become proactive in creating peace in the world.   Step back for a minute and ask yourself how you can contribute at this moment to peace.

For me, I’m grateful to have found Zade on Public TV.   Today I’ve decided that peace is a possibility and I’m responsible for doing my part in building it.   No matter how small my efforts, I intend to direct my actions towards peace.  I never want to give up hope for peace.

Women’s Group Topics

How can each of us create peaceful intentions in our lives?   We can create peace in small ways; such as, how we treat each other, our environment, how we reach out to our government representatives and how we treat ourselves.   The topic is broad, yet brainstorm on an area that resonates with your group.

Be well,


“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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3 thoughts on “Is Peace Possible?

  1. Pat,
    Unfortunately, I am of the opinion that peace is NOT possible in the world that we live in. As long as there is even the perception of “haves and have nots” there will be the sense of inequality.

    Consider the concept of “supervisor” and “subordinate.” The people in such positions have differing “agendas” and all to often the feeling of “resentment” is experienced.

    Basically, as long as there is an “authority” over other human beings, (and I’m not saying that “authority ” isn’t necessary) there will negativity produced in the hearts of human beings, justified or not.

    I don’t believe that as a species, we can overcome our egos need to be “significant” in some way. And it seems to me that across the world, too many people feel somewhat powerless, and that when given a chance to “rebel,” they will.

    Just my 2 cents! 🙂


  2. Richie

    Probably many people feel that peace is not a possibility. There are days when I too feel that peace can’t happen given the overwhelming discord in the world today.

    Yet, there is a small voice inside of me that keeps it simple and ask “what can I do today to add more peace into the world?” That is all I can do and for me adding more kindness in my interactions with others during the day is sometimes my very best.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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