What do you think about change?    We all have our reactions to change — some things we are ready to let go of, others we hold on to for dear life.   All around us, change is occurring without our permission.   As the seasons change, so do our lives.   How do you handle the change from the outside?  Even more important, how do you initiate change in your life?

I’ve been dealing with a personal issue for a while now — expecting the other person to change so I can get what I wanted.   It took me a long time to figure out that I was responsible for my feelings, and if I wanted to change the relationship, I had to make the change.   It was so hard to make the decision.  After I did, I felt different because I had changed.  I felt better about myself by listening to myself and recognizing what was working and not working for me. I had more control over my life because I decided to change.

What’s the statement: “The sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”   I finally got that.  Please don’t ask how long it took me to make the decision — I made it, and that’s what counts.

We all have our resistance to change.   What is easy for me to change, you may resist, and the same for me.   I see my resistance to change in many areas of my life.  I bet you have never heard this one — I want to lose weight.   Well, if I wanted to lose weight, I would.

I have to assume that underneath my desire is the need to have this extra weight.  Does it sound too simple?   It is simple, though uncovering the reason for my resistance may not be so simple.  I have an investment in staying where I am — now not supporting myself.  Understanding the ‘whys’ don’t ensure that I will change.   When I decide, each day, to lower my calories and commit myself to changing my behaviors, that’s when I will start losing weight.

I am reading “7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness” by Jim Rohn.   I also have his CD set, “The Art of Exceptional Living.” This man offers clear, simple, and practical advice on how to build what we want in our lives.   One line in his book resonated with me: “Your life will change only when you change.”

It puts change right into my lap — where it belongs. A typical reaction is that we have no control over what others do, so what can we do?    Curve balls come our way, and we have no control over external events.   We are responsible for how we respond to people, places, or things.

We will see different results when we redirect our focus from outside to inside.   Our lives belong to us, and we are in charge of the direction it takes.    There are roads in front of us all the time, and we make choices every moment of our day about which path we will take — do I eat that cookie or not.    It’s as simple as that.

Your Thoughts

What do you want to change today?  What are you willing to do to make the change happen?  I’ve decided on no cookies today.

Women’s Group Topics

Change in any area of our lives is a compelling undertaking.    How can you support others in their changes?   How do you follow through on your changes?   Is change difficult for you, and why do you resist change?  Do you believe small changes make a difference?  There are so many different topics around change, and each one can be the topic for the gathering.

Be well,

To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we must stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(By Pat Brill)

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2 thoughts on “Do I Have To Change?

  1. Two part reason for this note…
    1) I’ve been reading through your posts and am really enjoying your insights. Thanks for taking the time to keep up the blog!
    2) Would you be interested in receiving a copy of “The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work,” a newly released book by Jon Gordon? We’re interested in a review of the book or its concepts. I think you’d enjoy the premise of the book and some of the stats that Jon speaks to… such as how negativity costs companies $250-300 billion a year, according to Gallup. How various surveys say that 70-80% of people hate their jobs. And how more people die Monday morning at 9am than any other time. It’s really a book about developing positive solutions. This is not a bullet points, 10-step program book. It’s a real story with characters and drama. Readers learn a ton in the process.
    I work with Jon and since you are a thought leader whom I respect I’d love to get your feedback about dealing with negativity in the workplace and people’s daily lives. You can check out more about the book and watch few short promo videos we’ve made by going to There’s a part in the first one where the boss head butts an employee for complaining. It’s hilarious!
    Thanks and please let me know if you’d like to check out the book.

    :: Jim Van Allan

  2. Hi Jim
    Thanks for the update on the new book “No Complaining Rule.” I would love to do a review but it’s more appropriate for my other blog I can definitely resonate about complaining in the workplace given my extensive background in HR. Complaining is a habit…anyway, let me see what Jon says about complaining.
    Thanks for visiting.

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