What Is So Special About Thank You?

I’ve been thinking lately about the Law of Attraction.  I’ve read a lot on the subject and often felt frustrated because it doesn’t seem to go how I want.  Knowing how to stay open to the abundance the Universe has to offer can be challenging.

It’s one thing to read about this beautiful idea: we can change our thoughts, and the Universe will provide us with what we need — or want.    Another thing is learning how to appreciate the gifts around us…every day in every situation.

The other day I was driving to work.  If you live in the New York City area, you know driving to work entails a lot of maneuvering and tenacity.   I had to merge into different lanes several times during my ride to Brooklyn.   How does this bumpy, crowded drive on the New York City roadways give me the feeling of gratitude and experience the abundance in my life?

In the merging of traffic, others let me in.  I raise my hand in front of my mirror to indicate “thank you” to the other driver.   I do this automatically as I am grateful to finally be in the right lane and be able to concentrate on driving straight instead of looking towards my left or right to get into the right lane so I don’t miss my exit.

My thoughts started to stir regarding saying ‘thank you’ to the other drivers.   When I say ‘thank you,’ I feel good about myself and enjoy the warmth of the other person’s help.  I realized that being aware and using ‘thank you’ more often gives me plenty of opportunities to experience the Law of Attraction.   I’m recognizing that the Universe is providing for me.

Why is that so important?   Something as simple as ‘thank you’ allows me to build trust that others are there, and I can start enjoying the abundance I receive just by being more aware.  The more I recognize life’s little gifts, the more open I am to the big stuff.

Take it further – write a list of everything others do for you.  For me, I’m aware of the following:

  • Providing an opening for me to merge into my right lane
  • Someone was holding the door open for me.  The other day a neighbor held the door even though I wasn’t yet close to her.
  • If I have a few items, let me go ahead of them in the grocery store line.   I also feel good when I offer this to others.
  • If I’m sick, family and friends call to see how I feel.
  • A co-worker who is available to answer a simple question that allows me to do my job better.
  • Having the snow plowed out my parking space – free.
  • The list goes on.

From now on, I will look for ways to say ‘thank you’ to others because I know they have given or done something for me.    Every day I have the opportunity to attract more into my life by being willing to recognize what I am receiving.

Your Thoughts

Take the time today to be aware of what you are receiving and play a game of how many times you can say ‘thank you’ to others.    It’s the gift you give and receive at the same time.

Women’s Group Topics

It’s always good to share grateful feelings with others.   The more everyone adds to the list that they are thankful for, you gain good energy from their gratitude as well.

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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4 thoughts on “What Is So Special About Thank You?

  1. Thank you for this article. I identify very closely with what you wrote. I find it not easy to focus on the positives, the negatives always seem to dominate even if only sublimely, silently exerting their influences from under the surface. Yet I do know, as your list shows, that there are many things in life that I should be grateful for, and like you, I do try to be grateful for them. It’s a journey for me, to change and to be better, especially under the surface where the reality is real, and I guess the pleasure is in the travelling. Hope you fare well in yours, fellow traveller.

  2. Hi Flameater…it is a journey, isn’t it…
    For me, it’s about keeping myself focus on what is important. I can hear my negative thoughts and those of others and I can also choose to change them.

    Thanks for sharing my journey…however brief.

  3. Oh wow. This post hits me right on the spot. Many times I take the people around me for granted. Never even saying “thanks” for a simple deed done to me. Thank you, Pat. You are Godsend.

  4. Gabriel

    Good for you that you have the insight to appreciate the good deeds offered you.

    Enjoy them all and let others know you do.

    Thanks for sharing

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