It’s hard to believe another year is closing.  Don’t you find that time seems to be moving by more quickly?

I do love to look back and see how the year evolved.   Did I do what I wanted, what did I miss and what surprises surface that I didn’t anticipate? I take the time to go back, start from Jan 1st, and review my date book.    Stepping through the year is fun.

I lost one client during the first quarter…it was a business decision for them, though I did add a new client in the fourth quarter of this year.  One of my clients added more time to my docket, and I ended the year making a decent salary.  I am grateful for my clients, as we all know that the economy has been challenging for many others and there are many people out of work.

My Blogs
I had 3 of them and did a lot of writing for each of them.  I’ve decided in September of this year to stop writing for because I’m no longer doing Human Resources work and felt removed from the current knowledge in this field.   What I had to offer was excellent and sound advice, but it’s time for someone else to share their experience of HR. is still thriving.    I feel good about my contributions to my blogs during the year, though I didn’t write as often as I had planned at the beginning of the year.

I’ve lost weight – Yeah!    Starting in the middle of June, I worked with a nutritionist (Registered Dietitian) and lost the weight slowly but consistently.  Also, my daughter, who is an RD, has me weighing myself every day, which helped me stay focus on my weight.  During the holidays, I did indulge too much, but I weight myself no matter what and now I’m back on track with my health.

Repainted my bathroom, replaced my kitchen floor, repainted my kitchen, stretched and cleaned the carpet.   Love sprucing up my home.   Next, I will repaint the whole apartment.

Cleaned out my clothes closet by two-thirds, gave away many clothes and now had just what I can or want to wear.    I want to keep clearing out what doesn’t work for me, as de-cluttering is invigorating.

I spent more time with my family this year.   I have two sisters, two brothers, and two children.  Of course, my children are adults now, but they are still my “kids.”  By the way, these “kids” have become my teachers now, as they are smart and come up with creative solutions that benefit me.   Lucky me.

Friendships – this year I saw two friends move to the West Coast.    One does come back East every two months for clients, but the other one I haven’t seen since she left in June.     Changes occurred, and I had to deal with them.   They are still in my life, but it’s different because we can’t just drive over to one another’s house or in the case of one friend, walk over and have a cup of coffee or go out to dinner together.  The everyday intimacies that build a friendship are essential, and when they are no longer available, I notice their absence and feel the loss.

Women’s Group – Still going strong for almost 13 years and I’m grateful for the friendships that have developed during that time.   Friends are so important to our health and well-being.  They saw me through a health challenge in 2007, and we have shared a whole range of life experiences with each other.

I have an Open House every year — for the last 44 years.  My daughter now celebrates her special occasions, opening her home and creating her memories.    We never know how we influence our children until we see them building their own lives.

I’m fortunate because I celebrate the Christian holidays and the rest of the family celebrates the Jewish holidays….I get to add more celebrations to my calendar.

Most months there were birthdays to celebrate.  I also celebrated my nephew’s wedding, a great nephew’s 1st birthday and, of course, my birthday.   I’ve always loved my birthday and enjoyed celebrating it with friends and family.  Though after 2007 and dealing with a life-threatening illness, I treasure each year I’m alive.

My son took me to a baseball game two times this last year, and it was delightful.  Many years ago I used to go to Fenway Park several times a week, enjoying the cool evening weather and relaxing with the slow movement of a baseball game.  It brought back memories of long ago.

Fun Times
I indulged in visiting several museums, did a walking tour of The Village, checked out the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, wandered around and look in awed in Cartiers (their diamonds are stunning), sat quietly in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, numerous dinners with friends and more.

In between the memorable moments were doctor’s appointments, food shopping, paying bills, cooking, cleaning and all the daily maintenance activities of living.

Final Thoughts
My life lesson – reviewing the last year didn’t uncover anything that was overtly exciting or different from what most people experience. Instead, I got to evaluate whether I was pleased with my choices or whether I want to add something different to my life. Then I can walk through the door to the next year.

Your Thoughts

What about you…instead of creating New Year’s resolutions, why not grab a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine, open your current calendar and review your year.     It’s your life, why not quietly celebrate how you spent the last year.  Do you spend time reflecting?

Women’s Group Topics

Closing one year and opening another is a perfect time to share how the year was for each of you, how grateful you are for every member of the group, and what do you want to focus on in the next year.    Women know how to support each other, so find a buddy in your group to keep you accountable for what is important for each of you.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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