Holidays are Over – So Is My Overeating

Happy New Year!

I had a grand old time eating my way through the holidays.   I ate whatever interests me, and it wasn’t all about veggies and salads.

I’ve been eating healthy since June 19, 2009, following a high-fiber program adding fiber and protein in every meal.   I have a high-fiber snack as well as my three meals.   With this program, I’ve been successful with my choices and consequently have lost 20 lbs over 6 months.  Some may not feel that this is a significant amount, but this program allows me to get right back into it after the holidays.

During the holidays, I overindulged in yummy chocolate candies and cakes, lasagna, chips and, of course, wine.  Consequently, because I overate, I gained 6 lbs.  As soon as I got back on my high-fiber program, I proceeded to lose three.   I call this program my “eating sanity.” I need to be sane around my food; otherwise, the rest of my life is out of sorts, and I’m not happy.

January 1st closes the holiday season and opens a new year.   I’m back to the basics of my healthy living:

  • First, I weigh myself every day, so I’m in touch with my body weight and make choices that support my health.
  • Second, I’m back to my high-fiber program.
  • Third, I started back with the exercises.  Before the holidays, I was doing 20 minutes of stretching.   I especially need the knee exercises because my knees can sometimes be problematic to me.

Indulging in little tastes of yummy desserts is fine.   I’ve been enjoying a bite full of a community chocolate cake and have felt satisfied.  It’s all about smaller quantities.

Life Lesson
A little indulgence isn’t the end of the world.   It all about how we think.  If we tell ourselves we can’t control our eating, guess what, we can’t.    I told myself that I did indulge in too much food, and now I’m back on my high-fiber eating plan.  It was fun to eat whatever I wanted for a short period, but what I want now is to be healthy and sane.  It’s all about choices!

Your Thoughts
How were your holidays?   Were you careful or over-indulgent like me?    How do you get yourself back to eating healthy or are you still struggling to gain control over your food choices?

Share with us your “holiday eating stories.”

Women’s Group Topics
How do you handle deviations from self-care and do you jump back on the journey towards wellbeing?    We all need a change, though have you been indulging more than necessary, and if so, how do you get back on the healthy path?

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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3 thoughts on “Holidays are Over – So Is My Overeating

  1. Hi Agnes
    I checked out your blog…it’s great. I signed up for your future posts. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  2. I just found this blog, and I really like it and look forward to reading future posts.:) I probably gained about 7-10 pounds over the holidays, by eating the special treats that were at work, or at family’s houses. But now, I’m getting back to my usual way of eating, which is avoiding refined sugar. I’ve eaten that way since March 2007, and lost 70 pounds in a year and a half. I think losing weight slowly is the best way to lose, just like you have done. It’s much less stressful dealing with small, (mostly) permanent changes, which add up to success over time.:)

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