Today is my birthday! I do love to celebrate birthdays – whether it’s family, friends or mine.  Are there any other August 3rd birthdays out there? I wish you a special day…indulge and take good care of yourself.

Yesterday, my friend Karen took me out for our traditional ‘birthday lunch.’ We always make sure we stop long enough to celebrate our friendship and be grateful that we have each other in our lives.

We planned on going to a favorite restaurant, but at the last moment, Karen called me and said was I up to going to JT Bullets (a pub). Yes, yes, yes.  So many hours were spent at this restaurant sharing boyfriend and children stories, work, and you name it. We haven’t been back there in at least 7 or 8 years or even longer (don’t always remember the time).

As friends, we can be anywhere and talk, and it’s not a problem for us. Our togetherness spans over 25 years!

Some places bring us back and highlight a large chunk of our lives. This restaurant represents that. The many hours we spent connecting and sharing stories. As I sat there yesterday, I realized that I was the same and yet different. Have you ever experienced that?

And…we can still be ‘girly girls.’  Where does this come from? During the conversation, I shared one lesson that has sustained me in my life for over 45 years.

When I was 15 or 16, and in high school, I went to my ‘home economics’ teacher…do they exist anymore?  I wanted to know how to take care of my nails? I remembered she said never cut the cuticles and recommended that every time I dried my hands take the towel and gently push back on the cuticles. She said, “my nails will look healthy and long.” My nails do look good.

We were talking about manicures and how I had taken my friend for her first manicure. She said she got her cuticles cut because she liked the long look. I told her the advice I followed from my teacher and never cut my cuticles. We discussed the ‘nail topic’ for several minutes. At some point, Karen looked at me and said “here we are professional women, yet we dive right into ‘girly girl’ talk. “ That’s what is so beautiful about friendships; all our conversations indulge our togetherness as women.

Your Thoughts

So…have you been indulging in some ‘girly girl’ talk? I highly recommend it as it makes you smile…so good for the heart and soul.

Women’s Group Topics

When we think of topics for a women’s group, it usually around a serious matter; such as finance, parenting, or self-improvement.   We rarely get light-hearted and talk about everything & nothing with the theme of being together to listen, nurture each other and have fun.   It seems to me that this could be an excellent focus for one time together.   Ways we celebrate friendships could also be a topic.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(By Pat Brill)


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