What Do You Need: Relaxation and Nurturance?

Divine,Feminine,Self,Love,Word,Cloud, ,Torso,Of,FemaleLife has an ebb and flow; sometimes, we get stuck, and it does not seem to flow.   Tension starts to seep in and build up. Short-term tension is a normal part of one’s life, though long-term constant tension deserves your attention for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

I always thought how great it would be to have a magic wand that helps me move forward with what I need to do and release the tension when it builds up. I am old enough to realize there is no magic wand, though there are tools we can use to move forward in our lives and solve those issues where we are stuck.

How many of you want to relax and release the tension you carry with your busyness or thoughts? Do you find time at the end of the day or week to build in relaxation, to remove the pressure building up in your body?

There are two ways to release the tension: Relaxing and nurturing ourselves. Both add value to our lives, though knowing what you need at any time is essential to your well-being. The difference between relaxation and nurturance is:

Relaxation – a state of being free from tension and anxiety. Activity that provides short-term diversion and entertainment.

Nurturance – emotional and physical nourishment with care and attention. Nurturing oneself provides more long-term benefits to our well-being.

Where are you in your life now?

  • Do you feel your life is super busy and stressed out? Is this stress short-term as you focus on completing a project for work or a personal goal?
  • Is the stress level you carry around in your life been bombarding you for a long time?

Do you need a short-term release from inner tension or need to build in emotional and physical nourishment?   Both relaxation and nurturance can be helpful in your happiness, and it’s essential to step back and figure out how to best care for yourself daily, as well as long-term planning for your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Energy flows where attention goes.”  James Redfield

Relaxation – short-term activities

  • You feel tense and need to let go and do something that immediately reduces your tension. For some, it may be taking a walk, doing yoga, watching a funny show, talking to a friend, or any activity that removes you from stress.
  • Your body lets you know as your shoulders, stomach, or legs will bother you. Here is when massage, or physical stretching, helps release the body tension.
  • You are edgy with others and react with abrupt behaviors.   Choose what activity will help you reduce your reactive behaviors.
  • You need more fun in your life.

Self-nurturance – a more profound need inside you

  • Identify your needs – think about what you need physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.   This could be challenging, so do you need outside support to help you build self-nurturance into your life? Maybe a health coach, life coach, or a therapist?
  • Create compassion towards yourself and others.
  • Forgiveness – Recognizing that the past is over, letting go of it by forgiveness towards others and yourself. Carrying regret, anger, and bitterness adds tension in your mind and body, and you use your energy towards what is not best supporting you.
  • Healthy well-being – be good to your body
  • Self-judgments – release them with the mantra “I am the best me.”   You can only be you. Yes, you will continue to learn, but you are doing your best right now.

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou.

Do you depend on distractions?

Sometimes we choose distractions to block our inner unhappiness and tension.   We really need to find ways to self-love and satisfy those inner desires.

Sometimes we want to release tension, anxiety, and hobbies, taking a wonderful walk, calling a friend, or watching TV that offers authentic entertainment. What do I mean by authentic entertainment?    We often mindlessly watch TV or hang out on the internet without substance in what we do. We want to tune out. Sometimes that is ok, yet a steady diet of tuning out does not release tension or nourish our lives. Focus your attention on self-nurturance.

Healing takes time, and so does not healing. Choose how you spend your time wisely.” – Lalah Delia

Your Thoughts

Do you take the time to recognize the tension in your life and evaluate how to resolve it for your highest good?

How do you build relaxation and self-nurturance into your life?   Do you need support in creating a healthy lifestyle?

Do your research on how to best provide solutions to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Women’s Group Topics

Women spend a lot of time nurturing others and can choose to put their own nurturing decision as a second choice.   Discuss in the group how tension impacts your life, and brainstorm how you can release the tension with short-term solutions and long-term decisions that support your well-being.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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