What Can You Learn From Your “To-Do” List?

In this hectic, sometimes chaotic life, we push ourselves to do more without the satisfaction of ever completing our ‘to-do’ list.     Do you think doing more is better?  I Can!  I also know this is trouble for me because there is never enough.  So, I made a decision!

I’ve decided that the top 3 activities on my ‘to-do’ list must be done…no matter what. I get to decide what is most important for me to do in a day.   The night before I designate my 3 top activities for the next day, and ‘first things first’ is my slogan when I start the new day.

Why only the top three?  At this point in my life, I need to feel good about myself.  My well-being is the most important intention of each day.   It’s my life, and if I don’t provide that warm and loving feeling toward myself…then who will do it for me?

Some beautiful people share in my life journey, providing me with support, laughter, and fun times together.  I can share my stories, and they listen as I do to theirs.  If I don’t feel good about myself, I can’t enjoy and relish the people in my life.

I know already that I try to do too much, get overwhelmed, and I’m not always effective in my day.  It’s okay to gather everything I want to do on my list, but I only need to select my top 3.   I may complete more, and that’s great.  When I finish my top 3, I honor my well-being by celebrating my accomplishments.

I permit myself to enjoy what I do.  If I complete more than 3, I have dessert, but the main entrée of my good feelings comes from my top 3 choices.

At the end of the day, I recognize that I have kept my promises to myself.   I feel I have supported the direction I want to go and followed through with my decisions.    I’ve learned that I can do what is essential and trust that I’m on the right track.

Your Thoughts

What does your ‘to-do’ list say about you?    Do you celebrate what you have accomplished or beat yourself up for not achieving more?  Have you learned how to take good care of yourself?  Is your intention to be more self-loving?

Women’s Group Topics

Topics for groups are endless.  In this post, you can jump-start a discussion around To Do list, how they help you or burden you with too many “shoulds,” or why you don’t create a To Do list.    We are always trying to accomplish a lot during our days, and the question could be, “Does our To Do list give us satisfaction, joy, or work, work, work?”

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”  (By Pat Brill)


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4 thoughts on “What Can You Learn From Your “To-Do” List?

  1. Too often, my “to do” list has more “shoulds” than, upon reflection, I would like to have.
    Lately, I’ve been leaning towards living my life based on “positive emotion,” along the lines of Abraham-Hicks. THis is not to say I don’t do what I need to do, but sometimes, I will deliberately postpone some tasks until I’m a better “mood.”

  2. Hi Richie…glad you joined my new blog. Is it possible to replace ‘postpone’ with ‘delete?’ Abraham-Hicks talks about creating a life that honors positive thinking…it would be great to have a conversation about this work. Enjoy the day!

  3. My to do list includes learning about success and finance. Really! if you’re serious about something, then you study it. There are are lot of sites which help you learn about these. I greatly recommend these two:

    http://www.lifehack.org – productivity tools for everyday life.

    http://www.crackinggold.com – understanding finance and success

  4. Hi Cracking…thanks for sharing the two sites. If you really want to do something, you do have to do more than wishing. Learning is a great step forward.

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