Using Brainstorming to Generate Solutions to Problems

Problem,Solving,Aid,Mind,Map,Flowchart,With,Marker,,Business,ConceptBrainstorming can be used individually as well as in a group. When I brainstorm, I usually like a buddy to work with me as others have different thoughts and perspectives around problems. People don’t see the world as I do — which helps me expand my view and be open to more options.

Mind mapping helps me let loose and develop many potential topics when creating a new guide. When visual, I can better see what topics support the information I want to create for the reader.

If you are in a group, and a problem arises, this is a great tool to create various solutions. For instance, a member might have a problem they hope the group will help solve, or the group wants to discuss and analyze an issue that needs attention. Regardless of the reason behind the need, brainstorming is one of the best ways to stimulate creative thinking, and it’s fun.

What is brainstorming?

It’s a relaxed problem-solving approach with a visual to stimulate ideas. There are no incorrect ideas in brainstorming, but rather an opportunity to generate as many ideas as possible. You never know if one idea, which isn’t helpful, could stimulate someone else to come up with an idea that works for the problem. So, capture all ideas.

Brainstorming is a method of generating ideas – putting judgment on hold.

 Tools to Use for Brainstorming

There are several different ways to brainstorm. I use mind mapping when I’m working on a project, as well as when I work with groups.

Mind mapping

It’s a standard way to generate ideas visually. Creating a powerful visual image that organizes ideas rather than creating a list.

  • You create a circle in the center of the page and write down in the center the problem or project you are working on.
  • Then you start adding subtopics off the main project in the circle.
  • Each subtopic can be broken further with another branch added to the subtopic.
  • Remember, this is brainstorming, and you don’t need to order yet, get all the ideas down.

Individual Brainstorming

I use this method to figure out an issue I’m working on or break down a project. I also use it to create an outline for my writing guide. Seeing an image of the whole project allows me to see the many different parts of the problem together.

Group Brainstorming

When brainstorming in a group, one person must be designated to take notes. It helps to have a stand-up easel or pad, a whiteboard, and colorful magic markers so the note-taker can write everything down for all to see.

Mind-mapping technologies can be used and projected on a white wall.

Create a playful environment when stimulating creative ideas. Even if the topic is serious, refrain from getting bogged down or trying to be very somber. Playfulness stimulates creativity, so create the right environment – have some snacks on hand, ensure the seating is comfortable, and respect each person’s contributions.

Ideas to use mind mapping

  • Projects with a team
  • Organizing tasks is another effective way to capture all the moving parts.
  • Writing
  • Taking notes
  • Outlining a book
  • Any problem that you want to see all potential aspects of it and potential solutions.

Next Steps in brainstorming

Identify the topic which you need to brainstorm on.

  • In a group, people can suggest a solution out loud, or
  • They can have a few minutes to list their suggestions on paper, or
  • In a large group, break up the participants into smaller groups. Give them time to brainstorm in their small group, after which each group will share their suggestions for the brainstorming effort.

When brainstorming, it is essential to suspend judgment and focus on coming up with as many ideas as possible. Make sure everyone in the group knows that ALL ideas are excellent and valuable. Afterward, you can go through the ideas and whittle them down to the ones you (as a group) would like to focus on. Then prioritize those action steps.

Your Thoughts

Do you use brainstorming to generate solutions for your problems or projects? If so, does it work for you?

Women’s Group Topics

Brainstorming is a great way to generate group topics for the future. Another thought is that you can gather each person’s response to the current month’s topic. For example, if you are an entertainment group, generate ideas on different entertainment areas you can share.   We forget what people say unless we write it down.

Or if one person in the group has an issue, the brainstorming allows each person to offer their perspective on resolving the issue. This way, the member can take something home to solve their problem.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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