How Do You Handle Too Much Email?

managing emailToday I’ve just had it…always have too much to do on my list, and I keep adding more.  Does this sound familiar to you?    Well, I’ve decided to start cutting.

Because I am busy with several different businesses, I don’t remember everything.  My “To Do” list has all the immediate and long-term reminders for both business and personal.  I do an excellent job in organizing the list, yet it’s still a long list.

I blog so receive numerous emails from others who specialize in blogging.  The information is terrific and too much.  I get emails in my box every day from different sources, and there is no way to catch up with the collection.

On my To Do list is to take a ½ hour each day to catch up on my informational emails.   Some days it works great and yet there are too many missed days because of other commitments.   On my To Do list, I kept moving the “read emails” to a new date.  This constant changing of dates only frustrates me as I like to get things done.   I realized I was going about this issue in the wrong way for me.  I need to take care of myself.

I had over 30 emails that I wanted to read when I had some free time, and I just highlighted them all and hit the ‘delete’ button.  What a wonderful feeling to have 30 fewer emails in my box.

I understand the basic concept of Feng Shui where its tenets are to build harmony and balance into our surroundings.    Well, my email box was in disharmony…and now I’m feeling better, more in control, even if it’s only for the moment.   Instead of being concerned about missing information, I decided to take care of my psyche.  I was carrying those 30 emails around in my head…have to read them, have to read them…no longer have to read them.  How freeing is that!

Another habit I’ve recently started is to use my morning time to do my writing and leave the email for later in the day.    My clients have my number so anything important they can call me.   This way I take care of the most important work first.   I don’t know about you, but most of my emails are not critical to respond to immediately.

Email is great for connecting quickly with others, answering simple questions, and scheduling events.  My major issues with email is to hear the click of another email in my box, which interrupts my thinking and I’m tempted to check my box. The second issue is that I’ve added my name to numerous lists for information on blogging, self-help and whatever interests me at the moment.

How do I now deal with these issues?  I check my email at certain times of the day and have shut off the sound on my computer.   Second, I’ve unsubscribed to all mailing lists that don’t serve my immediate need.  If I need information, the internet is excellent for research.   If I feel that I’m receiving too many emails from someone, even if it is good, I will unsubscribe.

I’m listening to myself and not letting the demand for email dictate how I create my day.

Your Thoughts
What about you…what’s your relationship with your email box?

Women’s Group Topics
This may or may not be a hot topic for a women’s group meeting.  Though it does address how do you deal with too much of a good thing in your life?

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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2 thoughts on “How Do You Handle Too Much Email?

  1. My relationship with my email used to be rather obsessive. I would check it every 2-3 minute. But thats because I was awaiting emails from a friend of mine, we used it to the equivalent of AIM. But now my email is just something I check every so often. Its not imperative for me to check it, except for when I was working and I had many different deadlines. I clean it once in a while. Like the other day I needed to clear up space on my hard drive so I had to go through and delete certain messages. And i kept only the really sentimental ones from my mother, or from my self.

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