Daily,Practice,On,Wooden,Blocks ,Cross,Processed,Image,With,BokehLife is busy for many of us, and we believe we don’t have time for daily relaxation practice. Yet, there is power in incorporating a daily practice in your life.

What is Daily Practice?

Daily Practice is your decision to pay daily attention to something substantial you want in your life. People can have more than one daily Practice, though if you are new to creating a daily practice, I recommend focusing on one area of your life that you want to enhance.

We have habits already included in our lives – daily routines that move us forward in our day.   Daily Practice is different because you intend to change or include something important in your life and set a specific time to focus on what you want to accomplish.

Practice allows you to build your “focus” or “disciple” muscles. Whatever word resonates with you, the Practice does this for you.    Daily Practice also creates momentum in a project to accomplish what you set out to do.

What Can You Include in Your Daily Practice?

Any action that enhances your well-being is suitable for daily Practice. It’s about deciding what is essential and how committed you are to adding it daily.

  • Exercising – decide on a time and what you will do. Some people commit to a daily walk.
  • Choose one way you will relax during your day. Daily relaxation will help you release tension and feel better.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Writing the book
  • You prepare the following day’s activities at the end of your day.
  • Practicing an instrument
  • Creating daily family time practice – no matter what, you are committed to spending time with your family.
  • Learning yoga
  • Meditation
  • Time to bed and time to wake each day. This routine gives you the structure to form your day.
  • Maybe something as simple as organizing your home at the end of the day so you wake up the next day with a tidy environment.
  • Set up a gratitude journal, and at the end of your day, enter into the book all of the many ways you feel gratitude in your day.

I have several daily practices: meditation, writing, and selecting food that supports my health.   

Why is Daily Practice Important

If you decide to build more relaxation time in your life, you need to practice it daily to increase your ability to perform it.

Successful people include daily practices because they know it works and increases their well-being.

Daily Practice entails any area of your life you want to enhance and requires focus. It enables you to show up, usually at a specific time, to focus on what is important to you.

You can have several daily practice areas, though start with one and create a solid disciple around the Practice. Decide you will do it each day. If you miss one day, jump right back in.

Your Thoughts

Build in your life the ability to create a daily practice and see how you do after 30 days. Did your life change? Were you more productive? Did you struggle to stay with the daily Practice? Are you glad you took the challenge to start a daily practice?

Women’s Group Topic

Discuss the many ways to include relaxation in your daily life. Your body and mind need time to let go each day. Help keep each other accountable by checking in to see how it worked, why it didn’t work, and how to move forward with daily Practice.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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