The Drama Of Working For An Entrepreneur

I have my own business and a different perspective on entrepreneurs.   In the past, I was an employee of an owner-occupied business, and today this is my business niche.   I prefer being a consultant rather than an employee.

How do you deal with an owner or a problematic manager who is unreasonable, demanding and driven and expects you to be an entrepreneur when you want to be an employee and have a life of your outside of the business?  I know this last sentence quickly sums up the feelings most employees have when working in this type of environment.   Now, not all owners create unreasonable expectations, but if you are in one, you understand unreasonable.

Entrepreneurs have the vision, drive, and passion for building and sustaining a business.  They know how to go the long haul to meet their plans.    Because of their deep passion, some entrepreneurs can be erratic in their reactions to employees.

It’s challenging to balance the demands of an owner and the equal desire to do other things besides work.  How do you find work/life balance in this situation?    It all depends on what your goals are in working.

If you want to learn from this person than you are willing to put up with the stress and gather all the knowledge so you can to move forward in your career.   If you are looking to contribute, do your best and then go home and live another part of your life, this is not the ideal situation for you.

I find that most employees in this type of environment try to keep themselves out of the line of fire when working with an emotional business owner.   As they find out, this is difficult to do.   So what are your options?

There are always options in any situation, even though fear can block your thinking.    If you are in a position where you feel stressed in your working environment, why not take the time to think about what you want.    Taking time to create what you want in your life is the most important life lesson one can learn in life.

Most people respond with what they don’t like, which is a start, but not enough to help you move your life forward.   Go to the next step….if you don’t like something, and then asked what do you want?   Don’t allow yourself to say “I don’t know.”  Instead, ask if I could create any work situation I want, what would it look like?  Write down every thought that comes into your mind…no editing allowed.

Give yourself free rein to discover what is important to you.   No “buts” allowed, because “buts” block creative energy.  If you say “but,” stop yourself immediately and say for now no “buts” are allowed.

Find time to stop reacting to the boss…instead, find time to carve out what works for you.   Maybe you can’t leave the job right away; instead, you need to create a plan that supports you financially.  Do it!  Update your resume and start looking for the new job.

Another option is to speak with the owner, letting them know that you feel under so much stress working with them because they yell and scream at you and that you want to find another way to work together.   You have to know your entrepreneur…will they react more and then fire you.  Possibly.    The other possibility is they may also be respectful of your needs.

From my experience, people ultimately make decisions, though not necessarily the best ones, or choices that come from a place of self-confidence. Instead, we eventually leave because we can’t stand it anymore.  We take with us an array of emotions:   anger, frustration, feeling used, and blame the other person.  It’s your choice to hold on to these negative thoughts, though if you had a healthier vision, what would it look like to you?

Life Lesson
Be the entrepreneur of your own life.    Remember you always have a choice…be brave and make the right decisions for you…not for anyone else.

What About You?
Do you work for an unreasonable boss?   If so, what expectations do you believe are just too much for what you were hired to do?   Do you like working for entrepreneurs?   If you are not happy where you are, what are you doing to create change in your life?

Women’s Group Topic

How do you handle a toxic boss or co-worker?   Everyone has experience reporting to a micromanager, emotional manager, or a manager who doesn’t give enough direction or information.    You can help each other think of ways to make your work life better OR find a new job.


“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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