Our Power in Life is Choice

choiceWe make choices every day. Some are on auto-pilot, some are other small decisions, and others are meaningful choices.   All choices shape our lives – small or big – and taking the time to listen to ourselves allows us to make choices that support our well-being.

Choices are personal, and each person has a different perspective, yet taking the time to create a system to guide you in making your choices, will make choosing easier.

Every choice we make impacts our lives.
Engage your power of choice.

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Currently, how do you make your choices?
  • Do you feel you have choices, or are they already dictated by what you can do?
  • We have many parts in our lives; what areas do you feel comfortable making decisions, and where do you struggle?
  • When you have a chance to make a choice, do you feel more in control?
  • How do you feel when you think you have no power to choose?
  • Does having too many choices overwhelm you?
  • Are you looking for the perfect choice, and it stops you from choosing what is the best decision for you at this time?
  • Do you not make choices and just let whatever shows up be your choice?
  • Are the small choices easy, or do you have a hard time with them?
  • Big decisions you must make, do you:
    • Follow what is the norm within your family, friends, or work.
    • Does your culture determine what choices are available to you?
    • Do you hesitate, stressing out to make the “perfect decision?
    • Or do you have a system that guides you in choosing what is best for you?

The Power of Choice

  • Choice allows us to change a situation we have in our lives that doesn’t support us.
  • Choice makes us feel confident that we are creating the life we want.
  • When you choose to push through difficult decisions, you will be more successful in your choice.
  • When we decide what is best for us, we also recognize it may not be as perfect as we want, but it does fulfill most of what we need.

My System

My system may work or not for you, but it is what I do when I must make a decision that seems overwhelming.   I do have auto-pilot decisions, especially in my morning routine. I’m ok with them.

Some choices I need to make daily —  how I want to use my time, how to spend my money, how I support my health (do I eat that sugar item), and how to share my life with others. What’s essential for me is to be conscious of my decisions.

I don’t know about you, but I do love having some choices – not too many, as I can get overwhelmed.   I could unload my confusion by brainstorming all my potential decisions. When choosing the top three possible choices, I can drill down better by listening to how each choice will make me feel and the likely outcome of the decision.

What’s essential for me is to acknowledge that no one choice will be perfect. Given my current information, I can look at the potential decisions and decide on the best one.

I came about this process after many years – coasting in life, making decisions that didn’t support me, and finally learning to listen to myself and support my well-being.

Your Thoughts

Use the questions above to acknowledge how you make decisions in your life. Those questions are there to jumpstart your awareness and help you decide if how you are making decisions now supports your well-being.    What choices do you want to include in your life, and can you plan for them so your future supports your preferences?

Women’s Group Topics

Women wear many hats, and sometimes we feel we can’t make choices as there is too much to do, not enough money, or many other reasons that stop us from acknowledging what choices we need to make to support our well-being.

Gather today and support each other as you uncover how you make choices and can change and build what is essential in your lives.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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