Is Your Perspective the Only Perspective?

Do you ever challenge your thoughts and what you believe?   There are so many possibilities for how we can see the world, yet we often hold on to our way as if it’s the only way.

Think about your perspective about yourself, family, and friends, and where is there judgment?

Perspective is the funnel you view the world from daily.   We choose what we want to put in our funnel, including what we value as the proper perspective of how you view yourself, others, and political beliefs.

Your perspective shapes your reality.

Many years ago, a friend told me, “If you turn your head a quarter of an inch, you get a different perspective.”   Try it, and you will visually see something different.

What if we were to use this as a mantra, and when we are stuck in one way of thinking about who we are, what other people should do, and how the world should be, would we have more possibilities?

I have bumped into my own “what is right syndrome” on several issues, yet as I move forward in my life journey, I recognize most of my beliefs are not necessarily accurate.  They provide me with a false sense of security because of their consistency in how I view the world.

How many discussions have you had in life where you bumped into another person’s view about a specific thought or action?  Was the outcome satisfactory for both of you?

Is there value in being flexible?

  • There are many different ways of seeing life in families, workplaces, the political arena, and across cultures.  Can they all be real?
  • Is there value in being open and listening to another person’s perspective?
  • There is so much discord in the world because we individually believe our perspective is the only right one.
  • What if we were to sit with the other person’s perspective and pretend it is ours for the moment?   What would happen?

Holding on to one way of seeing yourself, others, or the world impacts your happiness.  We are not always right, and there are many ways to see the same situation – not only one way.

How to create a flexible perspective

  • Be Open –listening to another person’s perspective.
  • Ask yourself, is the way I’m thinking create a positive outcome?
  • How do you feel when you listen to another person’s perspective?
  • Can you observe their perspective?
  • What evidence do you have that your way of thinking is real?
  • In discussion with another person where you have a different view, can both perspectives be ok without having to negate the other person’s perspective?
  • Are you open to adopting a new perspective of a situation?

Your Thoughts

You may or may not feel it’s necessary to change your perspective around areas of importance to you.   The guiding question is, “does your perspective create well-being for you?”   “Does your perspective infringe on another person’s way of living?”

Women’s Group Topics

Most people have opinions on how something “should” be, and creating a topic around “what are the shoulds in life” can surface many different perspectives.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we must stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)

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