GoWithTheFlowHave you heard these statements “go with the flow” or “don’t stress, go with the flow?”    It sounds good, but how does one learn to incorporate “go with the flow” in life?

What does Go with the Flow Mean?

Initially, one would think it’s about being relaxed and enjoying one’s life.   Yet, that is too simplistic of a view because it doesn’t go deep enough to help you change and decrease stress in your life. You will repeat the statement “go with the flow” but don’t have the clarity to institute a flow in your life.

Your Perspective

We all have trigger points that stress us out.   How do we access what is working and not working in different situations? Part of going with the flow is to dig into your beliefs and see how they are blocking your well-being and stopping the natural flow of energy in your life.


You must be willing to change, though you don’t necessarily have to make significant changes. Instead, start simply in an area of your life that causes you the most stress. Brainstorm ways to problem-solve what is hindering you, what small steps you can take right away, and where you want to go in your change.


We all want to control what is around us and others and have expectations that create stress for us.   No one is immune to the stress that control can plague our bodies and mind.

You can’t control most things; instead, you can control how you react to most things. Control is an internal process, how we respond around what we can change in any situation.   We control our choices in each issue that pops up in our lives.


I love intuition because it’s there for support in the everyday and big decisions we make in our lives. You get this feeling, not based on proof; instead, you know or understand something. I often would get a message to do something or not do it, and I didn’t listen and be so annoyed with myself – why didn’t I listen to my intuition?

Intuition doesn’t necessarily have clear evidence of why you should do or not do something, and you know that this is what you need to do.

For example, many years ago, while I was still smoking, I sensed I was getting sick and needed to stop smoking. I didn’t have any apparent symptoms, but I knew that if I continued to smoke, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. On the evening of February 13, I decided I would stop smoking on February 14 — the love day.   I did, and I haven’t smoked for the last 34 years.

It took a while, but in August of that year, I got sick, and it took time to heal, yet I didn’t have the additional burden of smoking, and my lungs got a chance to detox.

We all have intuitive moments when we know we must do something, and this is a beautiful gift to ourselves – listen and don’t be fearful of the messages. Instead, see what it wants you to do and how it will help you.


Laughter is a healing potion for all of us.   It naturally releases tension, makes us smile, and even hurts our belly sometimes – hence the belly laugh.

I’ve been blessed with a robust laugh and usually share it when connected with others. However, I could use more laughter and am learning to seek it more often as I heal.

Physical Care

How you treat your body indicates what’s flowing through your mind.   Our mind is busy setting up roadblocks that stop us from moving freely within our life.

Your body tells you when you are not in the flow. Listen to what it wants you to eat, when you need to move it to release tension, and how to create quiet time to be with yourself.

Quiet time is necessary as there is so much activity and noise going around us constantly that we need to stop, breathe deeply, and provide room for our intuition and energy to heal.

Create a Plan

Take the time to create a plan to reduce stress and gain more energy in your life.

Each person’s plan could be different, as we all have unique needs to meet our physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual needs.

After you decide what you need, it’s time to practice. Take your plan, honor your need to increase your well-being, and practice it daily.

I and others I know love the quick fix, a magic wand, or a perfect pill to improve what is bothering us. Committing to our well-being takes time and will be well worth the effort.   It will help you go with your life’s flow.

Practice is your buddy in healing and creating flow in your life.

Let go of Expectations

The most significant change we can make to learn how to go with the flow is to let go of expectations of people, places, or things.   Excessive expectations we have about ourselves add more fuel to our stress levels.

If I have three essential values around what kind of person I want to be, I can funnel my expectations into those values.

I don’t consider perfectionism a fair value, just an expectation never to be met.

Your Thoughts

What does “going with the flow” mean to you?   Do you have too many expectations in your life that get in the way of your well-being? Are you relaxed in some areas of your life, and do you react strongly in others? Take the time to dig into parts of your life where the flow is blocked.

Women’s Group Topic

Create time to share areas where you feel your energy is blocked.    These areas are your healing points, and then support each other with plans that add more well-being for each person.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we must stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)

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