Have Fun and Enjoy Your Holidays with Less Technology

Holidays can provide us with a fun experience with family and friends. When we are with the people we care for, are we present with them, or is technology taking us away.

Technology is excellent as it supports our work and personal lives, keeps us connected with others, and we do research and learn on the internet.

What would it be like to take a technology break and
connect with family and friends throughout the holidays?

Like most things in life, technology entails both a plus and a minus, depending on how we use it. I love desserts and enjoy indulging in them, though I must also monitor my indulgence; otherwise, there are negative consequences.

The gift of technology is that we can do our work easier, find information quickly, and communicate worldwide using it. Yet the reverse is being on call 24/7, lots of false information, and can disconnect us from others.

Is it possible to reduce our technology usage, or do you want to?

Do you know how much time you spend on technology?  Technology includes many aspects of our lives: For example, computers/Laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, easy access to the internet, and social media sites.

My iPhone tells me how much time I’m on it – sometimes more and sometimes less than the week before.  Technology is a big part of my life for work and lots of distraction time.   I’m focusing on simplifying my technology usage to use that time to create, enjoy others, and relax and take care of myself.

Most of us will not live without technology, but why not take a vacation from it, just like you do from work.  Maybe you can’t go cold turkey, though you can reduce the time using technology and increase the time enjoying others during the holiday season.

Here are some ideas to help you reduce technology over the holidays

  • No phones at the table while eating
  • Come up with activities that you can do with friends and families so that you can shut down technology
  • Take walks and visit nature.
  • Play games with the kids or even with friends.
  • If watching TV, make it a gathering so everyone can enjoy it together.
  • Schedule a limited time to check email, social media, or other areas of internet interest.
  • My email box can consume a lot of time, so I have unsubscribed to many emails and viewed my emails later on when I’m tired and am not using my valuable time with distractions.
  • Volunteering with friends and family is a perfect way to step back from technology and give to others.

I’m sure you can develop your ideas to reduce your technology access and enjoy others during your holidays.

Your Thoughts

Do you ever feel technology has control of your life?   Is it a habit to pick up your phone as soon as you wake up?   How much time do you use technology to wander around the internet or find other distractions of your precious time?

Does technology serve you or own you?

Women’s Group Topic

It’s so easy to be seduced by social media and other distractions in our lives.  Do you know how much time you spend on technology, and does it feel right to you?   If not, what would you like to do instead?

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)

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