Follow the Possibilities in Life

“We all have possibilities we don’t know about.   We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.” – Dale Carnegie

If you want to create change in your life, you have to believe numerous possibilities will help you move forward.    Without the chance that you can make the change, you wouldn’t bother putting in the effort.

Since we tend to be repetitive in our behaviors, we don’t usually think in terms of possibilities. Instead, we hold on to our perspectives as if they were facts, which they are not as they are our version of the facts.    If we review in a new light the problems we have in life, we open the door to many more possibilities.  Challenge your beliefs around what you can’t do.  Reframe the words you use to describe yourself.

  • You can replace your current thought “I hate change” with “change can bring me new opportunities, new experiences and new people in my life.”
  • If you think you can’t do public speaking, challenge your thinking and think of ways you can learn to speak in front of a group.
  • If you think something should only be done a certain way, have some fun thinking of all the different ways one can do it.   Create silly ideas along with possible alternatives to do it and get better results.
  • What if you commit to something you always said you wanted to do and wrote out all the possibilities to move forward with action.
  • Talk to others while waiting in line, and you may make a new friend.
  • What if you are not happy at work and don’t have another job at the moment.    Can you think of possibilities to make the job easier?   What if you were to go in earlier, you get the work done faster, maybe take on a project, or reach out to someone who you don’t know well and see if there is a possible friendship there.  Studies show that when people have friends at work, they perform better and are happier.
  • Replace negative thinking with thoughts that empower you to move forward in your life.

There are many possibilities to create a life that is richer, happier and with love.    If we choose to unlock the door and let go of “what is not working” and open another door “what could work” you get a chance to create a life you want, and increase possibilities that can resolve the issue.

You may be able to help another person see the different options but fail to be creative in finding your solutions.    How about if you decide to create a big vision for the different areas of your life:  health, finances, relationships, careers, spiritual.  A big vision is what would be ideal for you within the various components of your life.

Here are some ideas to help you create possibilities:

  • Have a beginner’s mind.   When you are faced with a situation, and someone suggests a potential solution, which is different from your typical reaction, what do you do?   Do you say “no, I can’t do that?”   I recommend that you put the “no” aside for now and instead start writing down any solution, useful or not, but capture them all.  You are not committing at this stage, instead, playing with possibilities and being open to any idea that could solve the issue.  You are beginning to look at the situation in a new light.
  • Try something new.   No matter how small the effort, do something different.  For example, if you travel one way to work, find another one and get a fresh perspective on your drive to work.  Take the time to open up your mind to see the world a little bit different.   The more you can rearrange your view, the more open you will be to possibilities.
  • Learn something new each day.
  • See if you can learn something new about people close to you.

Possibilities are opportunities to create something new, make a change in your life, stop tolerating what doesn’t work, live a fuller life, and provide you with more satisfaction and happiness.

Your Thoughts
When was the last time you stopped long enough to brainstorm about possibilities to enhance a specific part of your life. It’s fun to brainstorm so why not do it and see where it takes you.

Women’s Group Topics
Women have many wonderful ideas when they start brainstorming the possibilities.   When you are open to options, there are many areas you can start with — finances, relationships, health, and many more.   Let go of limitations, think in terms of possibilities.

Be well,


“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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