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The Benefits of Meditation

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There is no one way to meditate; instead, it is time that you are quietly with yourself or with your higher power.   People write, walk, and p...

The Benefits of a Bath

in Health, Physical

Taking a bath is a traditional relaxation option.  If you are stressed because of finances, this is a relatively free option to help you relax....

The Benefits of 1-Minute Deep Breathing

in Health, Physical

How important is it to become aware of your breath -- your breath is your life force.  Without it, you would no longer be alive.

Small Steps to Change

in Personal Growth, Physical

We tend to evaluate our inability to change as being lazy, stupid and believe no matter how hard we try it’s impossible to change. Negative s...

Mirror Work

in Personal Growth, Physical

It doesn’t cost anything, and we gain so much from this daily affirmation. Imagine saying, “I love you” to yourself ten times a day. Wh...

An Episode of Back Pain

in Personal Growth, Physical

It’s not about life coming in and taking over the total support of your life, but instead, you meeting life halfway with your thoughts and act...

The Stress Quartet

in Finances, Health, Personal Growth, Physical

Health, finances, work, and relationships -- the mighty foursome. These areas make up the bulk of our lives. At any one time, one or more of...

Are You Feeling Tired?

in Personal Growth, Physical

The first thing to do in eliminating tiredness is erasing all reference to the word ‘should.’ That word saps so much energy from our body b...

The Power of Forgiveness

in Personal Growth, Physical

There are two different types of forgiveness: forgiving others and forgiving ourselves. Both are important in order to develop and increase comp...

Self-Help Technique – Emotional Freedom Technique

in Personal Growth, Physical

I love how life offers you want you need – a nudge in the right direction. Anyway, in January of this year, I saw the EFT book on my shelf, ...