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The Benefits of 1-Minute Deep Breathing

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in Health, Physical

How important is it to become aware of your breath -- your breath is your life force.  Without it, you would no longer be alive.

If It’s Not Working, Change It

in Health, Personal Growth, Relationships, Work

Do you feel powerless to make a difference? How can you go from feeling helpless to acknowledging you have the power to choose change? How can...

Where Would We Be Without Our Stories?

in Health, Personal Growth

It got me thinking…why do we tell our stories over and over?  What are we seeking when we tell the stories?  Do humans connect better around...

The Benefits of Kindness

in Health, Personal Growth, Relationships

Kindness is a great attribute to own, and some people naturally express good will to others. Most of us are busy with our lives, and kindness ...

One More Thing To Do

in Health

Does anyone else suffer from this annoying habit “one more thing to do before I leave for the day?”    I’m always rushing for the bus o...

What Is This Thing Called Work

in Health, Personal Growth

What is work?   Our first reaction is that it is something we must do in order to receive money.   Work can be paid work or unpaid…it’s ...

Do You Celebrate?

in Entertainment, Health

The only way to celebrate is to want to celebrate.    Most of the time we find time to do the “work,” yet it’s also critical that we fi...

Playing The Victim?

in Health, Personal Growth, Relationships

Where in your life do you play the victim? Where do you give your power over to someone else? Is it in past or current relationships, at work,...

Feel Let Down After The Holidays?

in Health

Holidays have many expectations built into them.    We are supposed to be happy and especially with the family feel an abundance of love all ...

Holidays are Over – So Is My Overeating

in Health

A little indulgence isn’t the end of the world.   It all about how we think.  If we tell ourselves we can’t control our eating, guess wha...