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Do You Trust Yourself?

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Trust means you refuse to give up on yourself and continue to create a path in your life that supports your well-being. You are the only one who...

Create Your Best Holidays

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Create Your Best Holiday guide was created so that you have the tools to organize, delegate as well as find time to relax during the holidays.

Is Life a Struggle?

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

As I listen to others around me, I hear a common theme that the nature of life is to struggle.   Do you believe that life is mainly filled wit...

How To Get Rid of Emotional Clutter

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

When we think of clutter, we usually visualize a packed or messy physical space.   Rarely do we give much thought to the emotional clutter we ...

Are You De-Cluttering Your Physical Space?

in Book Selections, Organizing, Personal Growth

Today I want to talk about the physical clutter that surrounds us each day.  All clutter is interconnected and affects all areas of our lives....

What Does Loving You Look Like?

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

With all of the self-improvement books out there, the one underlying foundational advice is that one must love themselves.  Sounds great, doesn...

People, Places and Things That Bother Me

in Book Selections, Relationships

We all have people, places or things that annoy us. How much energy are we willing to give to a situation that isn’t what we wanted or expec...

Is Peace Possible (cont’d)

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

There are two opposing beliefs in this “peace” camp – the idealist and the realists. The realists have the most leverage in the discussi...

Is Peace Possible?

in Book Selections, Family, Personal Growth, Relationships

How do we each create peace in our lives, for the people around us and the world? Do we even think that it’s possible to influence others an...

Don’t Take What Other People Do Personally

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

How many reactions do you have in a day about other people’s behaviors, words or actions?   How do you react if someone walks ahead of you t...