As the day progressed yesterday, my lower back became tenser, and by the end of the day, it was difficult to bend down or get up off the couch. The pain was speaking to me.

Last night I didn’t sleep that well because every time I turned, my back sent a message to me. It’s no fun when your back goes out. Every day there are so many small actions that I take with my body that uses my back. It’s amazing how my back performs without my thinking until the tension in my body heads south to the lower back. I don’t get back pain often, but any time is too often.

Today while writing, I thought about Louise Hay and her belief that all physical pain or issues in our body are a direct reaction to our thinking. Now I know that there are people who don’t believe this and that’s perfectly fine. I’m one of those people who accept that our thoughts direct our lives and if I change my thoughts, I get to change whatever I want in my life. I like the idea that I’m responsible for my life as it provides me with more control.

There is a solution to every issue, and nothing is impossible are thoughts that have recently become a part of me.

The other day I was dealing with an online banking issue for a client. After several unsuccessful attempts to log on, I stopped, otherwise I would lock everyone out. I heard myself saying “there is a solution for every issue” which calmed me down and stopped the frustration that was taking hold within me. I then proceeded to make calls and provide the client with information so they could solve the problem.

Today I decided there is a message with this lower back pain. The message is that I feel I’m not supporting myself. Part of supporting “me” is based on choices I make, as well as being open to others supporting me as well. I tend to be a little over the top “independent.”

I pulled out one of my favorite Louise Hay books, “You Can Heal Your Life” and headed over to the list of physical issues. She sets it up in three separate columns: Problem, Probable Cause, New Thought Pattern. I looked under “back,” and this is what she says about a back problem:

Probable cause: represents the support of life.
New Thought Pattern: I know that Life always supports me.

It’s not about life coming in and taking over the total support of your life, but instead, you meeting life halfway with your thoughts and actions. To me, affirmations are possibilities. When I open to more opportunities, the tension starts to release within my body. I choose to focus on “I know that Life always supports me” and take the necessary steps to support my new thinking and my body.

Your Thoughts
Do you think your thoughts are powerful? Have you ever decided to change your thoughts and still a change in how you felt?

Women’s Group Topics

Topics around how to change your thoughts are always beneficial to everyone in the group.  You can choose to brainstorm how to change your thoughts around one specific area in your life; for example, health, relationships, work, finances, exercise, and the list goes on.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)


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