All That Glitters – Does It Shine Underneath?

shiny objectAs I journey through life, the glitter has caught my attention. I was attracted to the possibilities yet didn’t know what was under the glitter.

I felt the glitter would answer a problem, a desire, a possibility to make a better life. Glitter – shiny objects – are all around us and can be seductive with their promises.   Yet, what is under the promises?

All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold; even if something is externally attractive, it may not be for our highest good.

Maybe we create ourselves as glitter to camouflage what we feel underneath the shiny glow. What are we hiding behind our “masks.”

What about you, are you attracted to the shiny objects that surface as people, places, things, courses, or whatever in our lives?

Would you still want what attracts you now if all the glitter was gone?

They call it the “shiny object syndrome.”

I have indulged during my life journey with many “shiny objects,” which gave me surface knowledge, and quickly lost in the other surface tidbits I picked up.   I have also dug deep into subjects and am grateful for the lasting value they added to my life.

Social Media is a culprit because all around us are shiny objects attractively packaged to draw us in.

When I’m attracted to something new, I ask myself questions to help me decide to let go of something I’m not ready for, will never really be of use to me, or I’m not willing to put in the effort to incorporate this new knowledge into my life.   If I can come up with good reasons WHY I want to move forward and understand the value it will add to my life, then I can move forward to get more information.

How to get passed the “shiny object syndrome.”

  • Why do you want the shiny object?
  • Do you know what is under what you desire? What will it give you?
  • If what interests you have value, are you willing to dive deep into your interests? Do you have the time in your life right now to dive deep?
  • How many times have you taken a course, viewed a webinar or conference excitedly, and yet dropped it after a short time?
  • Do you jump from one project to another – excited about the new possibility?
  • Do you feel there are too many choices and want to do it all?
  • You like the excitement of the new project but are not focused enough to go deep dive into the project.
  • Do you have several projects going on at the same time? All of them seem attractive, all possibilities, yet you get overwhelmed because you were attracted to many options.
  • Do you worry; you are missing out unless you do the current fad.

Make a List

  • Don’t act on any new interests until you process your list.
  • Create a list of everything you are attracted to and may want to pursue. Don’t edit; just put it all down. This way, you can see how many ideas you have floating in your mind.
  • Select the top 3 areas of interest from your list.
  • Write down your answers to the questions above for each one.
  • Do some research on the three areas of interest.
  • After breaking down the three areas, select one that feels the most important to pursue now.
  • Limit the number of projects going on at the same time. Too many projects dilute your focus, and you will lose interest in your project, and it will become another shiny object.
  • Once you decide on your main project, go ahead and plan how you will go about implementing it into your life. Small steps help us succeed in areas we want to develop.

We can’t do everything.
Be wise and choose what supports your well-being now.

Your Thoughts

Do you struggle with “shiny object syndrome?”   Does it take a lot of your energy, and you feel you don’t get anything done, or you are a loser because you never complete what you start?

We judge ourselves when we don’t complete something, and the issue is more fundamental – questioning and reviewing what is essential to incorporate into our lives. Do you have a difficult time choosing what is necessary at this time for you?

Women’s Group Topics

We all juggle many aspects of our lives, yet we can jump into the next shiny object that pops up in our view. Beware of social media. Discuss how shiny object syndrome impacted your life – either time, money, or personal judgment around who you are and your value.

Be well,

“To fully enjoy the ‘richness’ of our lives, we need to stop long enough to visit with ourselves.”
(Pat Brill)

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