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The Drama Of Working For An Entrepreneur

May 30th, 2010 in Personal Growth, Work[ No Comments ]

I have my own business so have a different perspective about entrepreneurs.   In the past, I was an employee of an owner-occupied business and today this is my business niche.   I definitely prefer being a consultant rather than an employee.

How do you deal with an owner or a difficult manager who is unreasonable, demanding and driven and expects you to be an entrepreneur when you want to be an employee and have a life of your own outside of the business?  I know this last sentence quickly sums up the feelings most employees have when working in this type of environment.   Now, not all owners create unreasonable expectations, but if you are in one, you understand unreasonable.

Do You Feel Powerless?

May 1st, 2010 in Personal Growth, Work[ 3 Comments ]

I’ve been thinking how we generally accept that there are areas of our lives that we are powerless to control.  We feel that we have no control over the crazy boss, bills, our partner’s habits, or what our children do.  We have no power to choose in some situations.  Yet is that true?

I’ve certainly had a boss from the pits, who was constantly unhappy with whatever I did, loved to let me know and was controlling.  It was no fun and to be honest I didn’t really handle it well.  I vacillated between trying to keep a safe distance and doing my best or giving up and not really trying as hard.    I definitely felt powerless with this person.   Yet was that true?