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When Friends Hurt

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What happens when a good friend hurts you?   How do you feel?  I had to deal with a situation recently where a friend was harsh (from my pers...

Life Lessons of a Funeral

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This past week I’ve spent a lot of time with family.  My brother’s wife died at 66.  Family came from Maryland and Colorado, as well as wi...

Closing One Year, Opening Another

in Family, Friends, Health, Relationships

It’s hard to believe another year is closing.  Don’t you find that time seems to be moving by more quickly. I do love to look back and see ...

Life Changes Quickly

in Friends, Personal Growth

I’m coasting along my path in life, minding my own business (well not exactly) when a significant change comes into my world.  Have you had t...

Do You Know How to Play Hooky?

in Entertainment, Friends, Personal Growth

When I was young, playing hooky was fun…as long as we weren’t caught.  Well, today I want to be caught doing just that…as often as possib...

What Have I Learned From The Holidays

in Family, Friends, Relationships

It’s been a busy holiday season for me.    On Tuesday night, I hosted the Hanukkah Hush Hush (our version of Secret Santa) for the family....

Listening To Our Friends

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What I’ve been noticing is that we take our friends for granted; we don’t always listen to them.

Girly Girl Talk

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Today is my birthday! I do love to celebrate birthdays – whether it’s family, friends or mine.  Are there any other August 3rd birthdays ou...