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Making the Tough Decisions

November 22nd, 2009 in Finances, Personal Growth, Uncategorized[ 2 Comments ]

v_sign6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We all have crossroads that we need to decide which direction to go.   Sometimes we don’t recognize that we are at a crossroad and make unaware decisions, but that issue will return and we will have to eventually face the road and choose which direction to go.    What was the last crossroad you met and do you feel good about your decision?

Crossroads don’t have to be major.  Rather it’s about choices we make to take care of ourselves.   Maybe a crossroad is something as simple as saying “no” to adding another To Do on your list.   Being at a crossroad is about making choices.  Choices are part of our everyday life.

The Stress Quartet

June 10th, 2009 in Finances, Health, Personal Growth, Physical[ 4 Comments ]

We seem to have a steady diet of stress these days.   Similar to controlling our food intake, we need to find solutions to the stress we ingest into our bodies.

Stress occurs when we have issues with finances, work, relationships or with ourselves. Life can be messy, so there are always opportunities for stress to surface up.    None of us has perfect lives.  Yet we have plenty of opportunities, on a daily basis, to decide whether to increase or decrease the stress in our lives.

How I Handle Money Worries

May 6th, 2009 in Finances, Personal Growth[ No Comments ]

I have successfully build my business – took it from one client to a full-time business in around 4 months.  I felt blessed and full of gratitude, especially since I didn’t have a job, nor was there likelihood that I would get another Human Resources position.  I’m grateful that my business experience was broad so I had the flexibility to use other skills and knowledge that I had acquired over the years.