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Emotional Clutter

July 31st, 2010 in Book Selections, Personal Growth[ 2 Comments ]

When we think of clutter, we usually visualize a packed or messy physical space.   Rarely do we give much thought to the emotional clutter we hold onto on a daily basis.   This undefined clutter actually blocks us from moving forward in what we want to do.  This clutter automatically says “NO” to life.


De-Cluttering Your Physical Space

July 24th, 2010 in Book Selections, Organization, Personal Growth[ 4 Comments ]

We all share many common threads in our lives.  Clutter is one of them.  Like it or not, we hold on to “things” that burden and weigh us down.   In this Universe, there is stuff hanging out taking up space and energy.   Time to recycle or destroy.

Four possible areas where clutter accumulates: 

Physical – our homes, cars and bodies
Emotional – our thoughts, feelings and reactions (actions)
Financial – our spending habits
Spiritual – our never-ending desire for connection and purpose

Do You Play Small or Play Big in Your Life?

July 11th, 2010 in Personal Growth[ No Comments ]

I’m writing an e-book (electronic book or digital book) with my business partner for a website that addresses content for women.   We both took separate chapters to write on and my chapter was on the Visionary.   The visionary is the person who is willing to push forward into the future with their dreams and make them a reality.   

I do believe that we are all visionaries, though we can easily get overwhelmed by the details that support our dreams.  The e-book is all about helping a person find a way to move their dream into a reality.