Month: May 2010

The Drama Of Working For An Entrepreneur

in Work

How do you deal with an owner or a problematic manager who is unreasonable, demanding and driven and expects you to be an entrepreneur when you ...

People, Places and Things That Bother Me

in Book Selections, Relationships

We all have people, places or things that annoy us. How much energy are we willing to give to a situation that isn’t what we wanted or expec...

Is Peace Possible (cont’d)

in Book Selections, Personal Growth

There are two opposing beliefs in this “peace” camp – the idealist and the realists. The realists have the most leverage in the discussi...

Is Peace Possible?

in Book Selections, Family, Personal Growth, Relationships

How do we each create peace in our lives, for the people around us and the world? Do we even think that it’s possible to influence others an...

Do You Feel Powerless?

in Personal Growth, Work

We don’t have control over people, places or things…they just are. But we do have control over choices in how to deal with it.