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Finding Time

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I’m sitting on the bus writing, my words barely legible from the jerky motion as the bus travels over the New York City roads.  I have an hour-long trip each way into the City (at least) and I do use this time to do many things.  I catch up with emails on my blackberry, read Read More…

What Are You Tolerating?

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Today is Valentine’s Day and immediately I thought of people I love.   How can I let them know they are important and special in my life?   Then I thought, “what about me?”  How do I show myself that I love “me” and I’m special in my life? What flashed in my mind immediately is that Read More…

Why Are We Resistant to Change?

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When you hear the word “change” what’s your first reaction?    I have two different reactions to the word.  First, I can feel my resistance quickly bubble up just thinking about change.  Second, though definitely a fainter voice, is excitement.    No matter how hard we try to create security in our lives, we never reach that Read More…