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Finding Time

February 27th, 2010 in Personal Growth[ 4 Comments ]

I’m sitting on the bus writing, my words barely legible from the jerky motion as the bus travels over the New York City roads.  I have an hour-long trip each way into the City (at least) and I do use this time to do many things.  I catch up with emails on my blackberry, read and even talk on the phone (which is somewhat rude when the bus is quiet and people are relaxing).  

Yet, this is a prime time to write.    I’m constantly saying I want time to write…here it is. 

What Are You Tolerating?

February 14th, 2010 in Personal Growth[ 6 Comments ]

Today is Valentine’s Day and immediately I thought of people I love.   How can I let them know they are important and special in my life?   Then I thought, “what about me?”  How do I show myself that I love “me” and I’m special in my life?

What flashed in my mind immediately is that I’m tolerating too much in my life.   How do I know that I’m tolerating “stuff?” I can tell by listening to my internal thoughts of frustrations or the complaints that I express to others.  

Why Are We Resistant to Change?

February 7th, 2010 in Personal Growth[ 5 Comments ]

When you hear the word “change” what’s your first reaction?    I have two different reactions to the word.  First, I can feel my resistance quickly bubble up just thinking about change.  Second, though definitely a fainter voice, is excitement.   

No matter how hard we try to create security in our lives, we never reach that goal because life is not static.  Opposites occur in every life situation and that’s why we are reluctant to change.   We want to control the situation and have it neat and tidy.