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Is ‘Yes’ In Your Life?

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Happy Halloween! This is a wonderful celebration with scary costumes demanding a treat.   I am stretching this image a little! I’ve been thinking whether the Law of Attraction is a trick or is it really a treat.    So many of us try hard to attract what we want, yet we feel cheated or tricked because Read More…

Life Lessons – Too Much Drama In Your Life?

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Oh, all the drama that gets played out each day in our lives.  The stories we spin about what is happening to us or others permeates and consumes a lot of energy.  Usually the stories we tell are not gleeful but rather full of “woo.”  We repeat the same storylines day in and day out Read More…

7 Ways To Add Fun Into Your Life

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Has ‘fun’ left your life?   Do you feel you just don’t have time for fun because you life is filled with too many responsibilities? Each of us has a different perception of the value of fun in our lives…what are your feelings about having fun. Let’s start with a simple definition of Fun:  something that Read More…