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Do You Have Good Intentions But No Follow Through?

August 29th, 2009 in Personal Growth[ 3 Comments ]

I have a list of good intentions that I add to my ‘to do’ list.   Wouldn’t it be great to have a magic wane and puff all our good intentions become realities?   Well, as we all know, that doesn’t happen.  What does happen to all those good intentions to lose weight, watch less TV, exercise, go back to school, or spend more time with our children?  They simply lose strength and drift to the wayside, although we never forget them.

The Compulsive Talker

August 6th, 2009 in Relationships[ 20 Comments ]

I hold the phone far away from my ear, somehow thinking if I do this the other person will know what I’m doing and stop talking.   They don’t!  Words are flung at me at a rapid pace, drilling down into tiny details, with the compulsive talker unaware of my frustration at the other end.   They are comfortable with my slight mumblings or silence.