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Life Changes Quickly

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I’m coasting along my path in life, minding my own business (well not exactly) when a significant change comes into my world.  Have you had this experience?   One day you have one reality and the next day it changes. I have a close friend, the type where you hang out with and talk about everything Read More…

Do You Fritter?

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I’ve started reading a small, yet powerful, book called “Living the Simple Life:  A Guide to Scaling Down and Enjoying More” by Elaine S. James.   I’m not searching for a life in the woods focusing on bare minimums.  Rather, I’m looking for solutions that release my attachments to “must do,” “should,” and any other external Read More…

Can You or Can’t You?

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July 4th is Independence Day in the U.S.   We celebrate our right to be free as a nation. This is a perfect day to ask yourself, since you have the right — “how free am I?” I’ve been thinking about the word “can’t” lately.   I use it and am listening to others express the same Read More…