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Too Much Email

June 28th, 2009 in Organization[ 2 Comments ]

managing emailToday I’ve just had it…always have too much to do on my list and I keep adding more.  Does this sound familiar to you?    Well, I’ve decided to start cutting.

Because I am busy with several different businesses, I don’t remember everything.  My “To Do” list has all the immediate and long-term reminders for both business and personal.  I do a good job in organizing the list, yet it’s still a long list.

An Episode of Back Pain

June 21st, 2009 in Personal Growth, Physical[ No Comments ]

As the day progressed yesterday, my lower back became more tensed and by the end of the day, it was difficult to bend down or get up off the couch.    The pain was speaking to me.

Last night I didn’t sleep that well because every time I turned, my back sent a message to me.  It’s really no fun when you back goes out.   Every day there are so many small actions that I take with my body that uses my back.     It’s amazing how my back just performs without my thinking until the tension in my body heads south to the lower back.  I don’t get back pain often, but any time is too often.

The Stress Quartet

June 10th, 2009 in Finances, Health, Personal Growth, Physical[ 4 Comments ]

We seem to have a steady diet of stress these days.   Similar to controlling our food intake, we need to find solutions to the stress we ingest into our bodies.

Stress occurs when we have issues with finances, work, relationships or with ourselves. Life can be messy, so there are always opportunities for stress to surface up.    None of us has perfect lives.  Yet we have plenty of opportunities, on a daily basis, to decide whether to increase or decrease the stress in our lives.

How To Get Your Mo Jo Back

June 8th, 2009 in Personal Growth[ No Comments ]

I had this great conversation with a friend on Friday night. We are all at the wonderful age where we have raised our children, build our careers and now have time to think about what we want to do. Yet, we have all hit a wall and are not feeling that terribly excited about life these days. What causes this inertia? We have built strong routines and habits and they take over all the daily choices we make.