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Same Old, Same Old

May 24th, 2009 in Personal Growth[ No Comments ]

Lately when I asked someone “what have you been doing,” I’ve received the response “same old, same old.”   I heard that expression many years ago but not in recent years.  Why is this expression resurrecting again?    I’m not sure, but I have a strong reaction to the expression “same old, same old.”    Why would anyone want to acknowledge that everything is the same old stuff.   Sounds depressing to me.

Then I thought whether this expression offers a sense of familiarity and comfort to one’s life, that life is the same and nothing major has occurred to shift it into a negative direction.   

How I Handle Money Worries

May 6th, 2009 in Finances, Personal Growth[ No Comments ]

I have successfully build my business – took it from one client to a full-time business in around 4 months.  I felt blessed and full of gratitude, especially since I didn’t have a job, nor was there likelihood that I would get another Human Resources position.  I’m grateful that my business experience was broad so I had the flexibility to use other skills and knowledge that I had acquired over the years.